Ken Ring, Author Of Weather Almanac, Claims Chemtrails Are Vaporised Ice Crystals

The following letter by Ken Ring of Auckland, was published in the Northern Advocate on April the 25th, 2013.   Unfortunately, this letter misleads the public by stating chemtrails are vaporised ice crystals and he suggests that the Weather Almanac for NZ for 2013 predicted the drought of early-2013.  This is the impression it left the letter’s readers with.

A comment he left on this website shows that in reality he did not believe there would be a drought early this year.   In the comment section on the Northland NZ Chemtrails Watch website, beneath the article, Drought zone a step closer, (Feb. 23, 2013), he wrote:

“There will be no drought.  From Ken Ring: Northland and Auckland including Whangaparoa get good falls in first half of March with local flooding possible in some areas in the third week, then heavy falls in the fourth week about 20th-27th. Dargaville’s rain is in the first and fourth weeks. The far north gets most rain amounts 3rd-8th and 20th onwards. Kaikohe and Whangarei get heavy falls around 4th-8th, 14th and 22nd. Coromandel may be wet enough to bring flooding. See”

Also, his claim chemtrails are vaporised ice crystals is not correct.  Evidence shows chemtrails are comprised of metal particulates primarily, in particular aluminium, barium and strontium, which are being found in New Zealand’s rainwater and elsewhere.  I encourage people to get rainwater tested for these elements after a heavy chemtrail spray day to verify this for themselves.

He certainly could not have predicted a drought of historic significance would be declared for the North Island on March the 15, 2013.   As the satellite imagery posted at the bottom of this post shows, there is clear evidence weather modification technology was used to induce and maintain the drought.  The Weather Almanac for NZ for 2013 does not take into account the fact that weather modification technology exists, let alone that it is being used globally.



Aluminium, Strontium & Barium In Brisbane Rainwater 

Hair Analyses Of Northland, NZ Resident Show Aluminium, Barium & Strontium Levels Increased Over Time 

Below: Selection of Rapid Response satellite images taken over New Zealand during the period of the drought of early-2013, showing chemtrails/geoengineering occurring.   See next issue of Uncensored magazine for more.B  huge chemtrails  west of top of NI Jan 2B Feb 21 circular and aersosol top of NIB 10 Jan bottom est of SI cropped
 B  10 Jan bottom est of SI cropped 2B part of ractangle cloud Jan 4B aerosol trails to west of and over NI Feb 26B Aerosol trails west of NI  Feb 26B Feb 2 south island circular formationsWe acknowledge the use of Rapid Response imagery from the Land Atmosphere Near-real time Capability for EOS (LANCE) system operated by the NASA/GSFC/Earth Science Data and Information System (ESDIS) with funding provided by NASA/HQ.

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Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. M.Sc. (Hons) from Auckland University. If you came to this site via the 'Silly Beliefs' disinformation website, please read my response to their article at the link:
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4 Responses to Ken Ring, Author Of Weather Almanac, Claims Chemtrails Are Vaporised Ice Crystals

  1. Ken Ring says:

    Oh Jeez..when I said drought, which I did predict as the almanac proves 6 times, I meant lingering drought, such as Australia has that goes on for many months. We did not have that. Instead we had a fairly normal and predictable drought by NZ standards, such as we get every 4-5 years, but exacerbated by very high temperatures coming from Victoria (warned of in our Australian almanac), that retarded our regular early autumn rain systems. Chemtrails had as little to do with it as for all the other droughts NZ has had, those 9-10 in the past 41 years.
    There is no evidence that chemicals are put into the air to harm humans. Read Chemtrails US Air Force where acid rain is described as a problem, not an intention. On p98 it says “When a solution of carbonic acid (acid rain) is made more acidic, it decomposes to form carbon dioxide and water”. This suggests that the dropping of more acid could theoretically
    neutralise the acid in aquatic and forest environments. But nowhere does it say the idea is to kill or sicken people. Rather the opposite is inferred. My challenge to chemtrail alarmists is not unreasonable. Please produce references that state that depopulation by dropping poison is the current plan of government departments. If you cannot then surely there is no need for concern.

  2. Bill Blyth says:

    I doubt whether there is such a thing as vaporized ice crystals. If contrails by appearance transform into clouds, it can be concluded that the material of composition is not water vapor or ice .Its quiet common to see people who desire to make a name for themselves or promote some idea , follow a path that does not conflict with main stream thinking in order not to damage the propagation of there perceived reputation. We see this sickness in many government departments such as the Metservice and Niwa

  3. Sareegirl says:

    Perhaps better to referencing basic high-school learning, like we did years ago when we were young. Clouds are vaporised water. This is known for certain at least a hundred years now. Pressure and vaporisation rates relation for water is known. Contrails are vaporised substance, else they would not be visible at all. gas vapour trails would be as invisible as air, solids like powder would fall from the sky and we see them on the ground. Behaviour near real water clouds say very strongly they are made of same substance, water. Other liquids like weedkillers would behave differently, fall to earth, etc, and be measured easily

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