Orb Over Whangarei On May 3, 2013

The first three photos were taken by Toni Anne Smith of Kamo, Whangarei at about 9.33am on the morning of Friday, May the 3rd, 2013.  They appear to show an orb.  Orbs are believed to be eyes in the sky which send information to computers involved in weather modeling.  They are believed to be used to watch what aerosol trails do – how they spread out, and in which directions, which is perhaps why they are often seen adjacent chemtrails.

An orb was also photographed in Whangarei in May, 2005 next to a chemtrail and originally posted at the informative Mysterious NZ Forum.   It mentions that the photo was taken by Azimuth who wrote: “Three consecutive images of this CT were taken within seconds in continuous shot mode. This UAP (Unexplained Aerial Phenomena) only appeared in this one image and was not seen at the time, but noticed after downloading.”  (See below).

The trail is believed to have been deposited by an Air NZ plane en route to Japan, NZ99.  While NZ99 used to be consistently visible on Flightradar24.com, it does not seem now.  Identification was achieved using the Departure schedule for Auckland Airport and FlightExplorer.com, which showed its flight path and the departure time – 9.16am.  (See below).




Picture 4

Below:  An orb photographed in Whangarei in May 2005 and originally posted at the informative Mysterious NZ Forum. 



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Interested in what is really going on, not that promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media.
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4 Responses to Orb Over Whangarei On May 3, 2013

  1. Louisa Young says:

    Nearly every 3rd picture I have been taking lately has orbs in them. Now I understand why they are there. Great photos thank you and for pointing this out

  2. Kremin says:

    Check the astronomical sites Clare. I think you will find that it was actually Venus.

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