1966 US Government Document Outlines National Weather Modification Programs And Implications


The document contained below is very damning. It should be a stark wake up call for any that still deny the existence of massive covert weather modification programs which are coordinated by various governments around the world. It outlines in great detail the existence of expanding US weather modification programs for at least a decade prior to the document in question. (Back to at least 1956). A “special commission” is outlined in this document to coordinate the multiple governmental agencies involved with US weather modification programs as well as independent contractors and universities which the report also mentions. It covers the “management” of international impacts, legal and social ramifications, species disruptions, biological consequences, etc.

A rapidly increasing mountain of data makes ever more clear that almost none of us alive today have known completely natural weather. That massive covert government programs have been playing “God” with the biosphere for probably 60 years or more. That in recent years, the scope and scale of these devastating weather modification programs has been ramped up so much that the entire climate system and biosphere is at stake.

The lethal nature of the ongoing “geoengineering” programs can not be overstated. Life on our planet is quite literally in the balance. Geoengineering must be brought into the light of day and then to a halt. All are needed to assist in this all important effort.

Dane Wigington

View Document—> http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/documents/19680002906_1968002906.pdf

More from Geoengineeringwatch: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/documents-library/a-recomended-national-program-in-weather-modification-icas-report-10a/

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3 Responses to 1966 US Government Document Outlines National Weather Modification Programs And Implications

  1. herbda2 says:

    I have ploughed through to page 32 of that pdf file .. I am left with a creeping horror at how far the scientific monsters responsible have come .. cozy little tenures in money grubbing universities .. but it all went wrong hey chaps ?

    Betcha ya,ll grabbed that military money in your sweaty greedy little hands .. oh boy when they started to reel you all in .. the realization that you were just little sardines in a big cold ocean .. bet that was a shock hey ?

    What did ya,ll do when you understood you had been taken, and to step out of line was a suicide ticket .. these military men have no time for welchers .. you took the money .. so now you must pay the price .. did ya pull the pillow closer around your head and pretend it was not happening ?
    or did you bury yourselves in work and pretend that you were not becoming a prize bitch ?

    The enormity of the task facing the Chemtrail Movement is daunting .. but thank God it is not being shirked .. this is war !

  2. Stephen King - Brisbane, Aust says:

    Thanks for finding this, what I’ve read so far looks like the blue prints for what we are waking up to now 40 years later. I would like to see the myriad of departmental progress reports over 40+ years on the project. I think the 2013 report will say “well done people, we are well on target and with minimal opposition”.

  3. herbda2 says:

    Hello Stephen,
    I understand that the application of this technology in Australia was undertaken well in advance of the New Zealand activity and on a scale commensurate with the greater funding .. are you aware whether or not ‘Pine Gap’ is involved ?

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