Aerosol Spraying Over Motueka Extreme on May 8, 2013

By Ray Foxley, May 8, 2013. Motueka Unbelievable tonight.  Chemtrails everywhere and blatant.263139_10200827652712144_1875613156_n

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3 Responses to Aerosol Spraying Over Motueka Extreme on May 8, 2013

  1. It has been the same here in Pittsburgh, PA USA. its terrible, this does look like a huge dove, Holy Spirit watching over you all. God bless and take care. —Anna

  2. Sarah says:

    Takaka on 8.4.2013, separated from Motueka, Top of the South Island of New Zealand, by a mountain was BLITZED. The sky during the whole day was regularly laid with fresh trails up to nine clearly visible the times I looked, and plenty of white out haze from those previously sprayed.It was a scene of sinister proportions and because people are so divorced from looking at the sky it is hard to explain what is happening . Yesterday the DELIBERATE POLLUTION was extremely noticeable and three new people SAW it here. Thank you Ray.

  3. Pete says:

    To Sarah: I saw the spraying on May 8 as well, it was astounding and they kept on going. I live in the Wellington area and I am extremely angry about it. It was the first time I saw it here since recently moving to Wellington. People: If you want more information on the subject, please go to Read about Morgellons desease, barium salts, aluminium salts, the dying off of flora and fauna EVERYWHERE, and especially NATO countries, although the African continent has been sprayed tens of years now. We breath the stuff, we poison ourselves. Our animals get very ill eating the grass. I always think that governments are chosen to protect and uphold the safety of a country. Clearly not so. If you want to empower yourself and feel not so helpless, please go to,
    Read about Chem Busters and how to make them. Don Croft has perfect examples on how to make one and he has got some amazing stories to share.

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