Ontario, Canada Subjected To Heavy Aerosol Spraying on May 8, 2013

By Diane DiFlorio

It was dreadful here in Ontario, Canada yesterday.   It’s as if there was a major global program going on.   It’s left everyone I know feeling extremely groggy.   I spotted at least two or three aircraft constantly in the sky, all day long.    I am not even on a flightpath, but the East / West run was very busy.  sky2

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2 Responses to Ontario, Canada Subjected To Heavy Aerosol Spraying on May 8, 2013

  1. Very heavy spraying over coastal Rhode Island & Massachusetts (USA) since Monday (5/6), too. Last evening (May 7th) was the worst. Six separate aircraft flew in synch, within my direct view, spewing thick, greyish white aerosols, in criss-cross & grid formation shortly before sunset. I have captured many images. Seriously, this time it made my head ache, my throat dry up & my eyes fill with slime at the corners. I was outside walking, not in an enclosed car. The North American chemtrail program appears to be escalating dramatically, corresponding with similar reports from every part of the world (except for much of mid-Africa). WW-3, anyone? I am not being glib, just honest. Please stay safe as possible & keep reporting.

    • Sarah says:

      What do your rainwater or blood samples say? It really wakes people up to see a result from a professional independent laboratory. Please share them here with us.

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