Increasing Numbers of Admissions to Whangarei Hospital Emergency Department Due To Respiratory Disorders

The following information is from the Northland Hospital Board and was requested by P.V., (name withheld on request).  It shows that the number of presentations to the Whangarei Hospital Emergency Department where the primary diagnosis was “Diseases of the Respiratory System” has been increasing.

Thank-you P.V. for going to the trouble to request this information. Well done!



Respiratory Problems Caused By Chemtrails? More NHS Statistics.

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2 Responses to Increasing Numbers of Admissions to Whangarei Hospital Emergency Department Due To Respiratory Disorders

  1. Louisa Young says:

    It is not surprising reading that the figures have gone up in respiratory diseases in hospitals.

    Dementia (Alzheimers) has also risen:
    In 2011, 48,182 New Zealanders had dementia – 1.1% of the New Zealand (NZ) population.  This has increased over 18% in three years, from 40,746 people in 2008.

    It is difficult to tell whether asthma has gone up but I know from the Asthma NZ that we are second behind UK for highest asthma rates in the world. At present we say there are approximately 600000 people with asthma in NZ: 1:4 children and 1:6 adults. In there were approximately 450000 people. It rose to 600000 by 2001. This does not include the children and adults that take inhalers for respiratory illnesses now like colds, flus, pneumonia, which my doctor said is definitely increasing. My son has had to use an inhaler for the last two years whenever he catches a cold and when he had pneumonia twice at xmas 2011.

  2. Peter William Capper says:

    Great work….we should let the people up north know these stats, actually if you really wanna make waves in Parliament, may l suggest we get Hone Harawira involved.

    Date: Mon, 20 May 2013 08:01:39 +0000 To:

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