Amy Goodman Talks About Geoengineering with Clive Hamilton But Neither Admit It Is Occurring Now

What propaganda this show with Amy Goodman is! Carbon dioxide is not a dangerous gas as the show suggests, it is essential to life on earth.  It is what plants use in the process of photosynthesis.  Her guest, Clive Hamilton, who is professor of public ethics at Charles Sturt University in Canberra, sells the politically-motivated notion of dangerous climate change due to fossil fuel use and talks about the ideas of the geoengineers and their supporters, yet neither admit what we can see with our own two eyes, that stratospheric aerosol geoengineering has gone global and full-scale.Casey

DemocracyNow  May 20, 2013.  Geoengineering: Can We Save the Planet by Messing with Nature?

As the carbon dioxide in the air hits 400 parts per million for the first time in human history, some are arguing that the best way address climate change is to use the controversial practice of geoengineering — the deliberate altering of the Earth’s ecological and climate systems to counter the effects of global warming. Supporters of geoengineering endorse radical ways to manipulate the planet, including creating artificial volcanoes to pollute the atmosphere with sulfur particles. Many scientists and environmentalists have raised concerns about geoengineering technologies designed to intervene in the functioning of the Earth system as a whole. We’re joined now by Clive Hamilton, professor of public ethics at Charles Sturt University in Canberra, Australia. Hamilton’s new book, “Earthmasters: The Dawn of the Age of Climate Engineering,” lays out the arguments for and against climate engineering, and reveals the vested interests behind it linking researchers, venture capitalists and corporations.



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Interested in what is really going on, not that promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media.
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