Hundreds protest deep sea drilling in Kaikoura 20 May, 2013. By Helen Hill.

Hundreds of protesters converged on the Kaikoura beachfront over the weekend in opposition to plans for deep sea drilling exploration.

Texan oil giant Anadarko has been given permission to explore the Pegasus Basin off the Marlborough and Wairarapa coastlines, and its proposals have sparked widespread concern in the Kaikoura community, which relies on its pristine marine environment for much of its income.

A Kaikoura-based petition signed by 2330 earlier this year called for the government tenders to be withdrawn, along with a similar request from the Kaikoura District Council.

An estimated 500 people lined up in bright sunshine on Saturday as part of the ‘Hands Across the Sand’ protest.

“It would really suck if people came to Kaikoura and couldn’t see the beautiful beach and do the things that they always did at the beach,” said an emotional Hannah Timms, 15.


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One Response to Hundreds protest deep sea drilling in Kaikoura

  1. Sarah says:

    Rttv are showing a documentary at the moment (sky channel 92 and also available on your computer RTtv documentaries) about the BP Gulf oil spill. How and why it happened and the deceit and lies of the “clean up”. A must see of how the Oil industry rapes and pillages our environment.

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