Upside-Down Rainbow Filmed From Rotorua

By Rachel Kearney, Rotorua. 

On the 22nd of January, 2013 at about 6.30pm, I recorded this in Rotorua.
Several people witnessed this phenomenon.
It lasted for about 4-5 minutes, then faded away.
It was taken in the late afternoon, facing the sun.
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5 Responses to Upside-Down Rainbow Filmed From Rotorua

  1. Sarah says:

    ETHYLENE DIBROMIDE REFRACTION RAINBOW as shown in Strange Days Strange Skies. Not natural.

  2. Sorry to rock the boat and all that, but I actually think this is a parhelion and is a natural phenomenon, I’ve seen these before.
    Not trying to debunk Sarah’s evaluation, just my opinion based on experience.
    I’m open-minded on that though, I have to admit I haven’t seen the doco Sarah refers to, so I’ll go and have a look. Ethylene Dibromide? Hmmm.
    I’ll give some further feedback when had a wee search….

  3. Linkon says:

    Wrong, Its called a Circumzenithal Arc

  4. Had a look at “strange skies” and the subject of EDB. I think it may answer a mystery for me. There were two “rainbow clouds” that were widely seen in Christchurch (including by myself) in late December. I know these were chemtrails, because I saw the trail forming and I have a witness who saw the plane doing the deed. I subsequently found several clips of similair “clouds” on youtube.
    Then I hit jackpot and found this
    So..while I still think the clip of the upside-down rainbow is a natural parhelion, I thank you very much Sarah in providing a clue as to what the “rainbow cloud” I saw may have consisted of.

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