Complaint To Civil Aviation Authority Regarding Planes In Close Vicinity & Spraying Aerosol Over Wanaka

22 May, 2013.

This took place on May 20th at 5.40pm and witnessed from Wanaka.

Hello CAA,

I wish to report a close call and deposit of hazardous material.
 Please refer to image WKA9896 showing a flight from Queenstown 
passing over the path of QFA27 less than 1 minute after it had
passed. I deem this a close call. I presume this was a flight
from Queenstown although this aircraft did not seem to emit 
a squawk. Please tell me why if this is a commercial aircraft 
it is not emitting a squawk in proximity to another commercial 
Also, please explain image WKA9892 of an aerosol from QFA27. 
This aerosol stretched from one horizon to another and 
spread out over a period of hours. The following morning 
a clear sky was completely grey. In this image it can clearly
be seen that a material is being deposited in pulses, showing
up here as rings similar to smoke rings. If the exhaust from 
an aircraft's engine is constant why would regularly spaced
rings be present at all? 
This image clearly demonstrates that a device separate to the
exhaust, perhaps one conforming to a Welsbach Seeding 
Apparatus patent, is being used to deposit material other than 
If this material is Aluminium, Barium and Strontium Titanate, 
all known to be hazardous to health when inhaled this act 
would constitute an act of aggression against our country.
I put it to you this aircraft is being used for geo-engineering
purposes by depositing said materials for weather modification.
What is your organisation's view on this? I will register 
these images, email text and your reply into the Public Record
at Queenstown District Court so please reply in honour.

Kind regards,
Garrick Cameron.

WKA_9896 QFA27WKA_9892
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12 Responses to Complaint To Civil Aviation Authority Regarding Planes In Close Vicinity & Spraying Aerosol Over Wanaka

  1. rose says:

    Garrick – well done
    Reposted to inspire the rapidly waking kiwis to follow your lead.

  2. Sarah says:

    Impressive information gathering. I am interested in their responses . Do you have any rain water samples tested yet?

  3. Someone who understands aviation says:

    If you look on the flightradar24 website, it explains that only the most modern aircraft with ADS-B type transponders are displayed on their live traffic radars. Ever wondered why all the Air NZ Link B1900d, ATR72 and Dash 8 flights are never displayed, let alone numerous other light twin propeller powered aircraft from third level commuter airlines…?

    You may wish to broaden your horizons a little and take a look at the skies over Europe for example, where IFR traffic routes frequently criss cross and intersecting contrails are a common sight. shows this in a nice simple to visualize way for you.

    • I could not find where it stated that “only the most modern aircraft with ADS-B type transponders are displayed on their live traffic radars,” on the Flightradar24 site.


      It mentions at the link that 737’s have the ADS-B transponders, but are these modern? (For example it states at Wikipedia: Originally envisioned in 1964, the initial 737-100 flew in 1967 and entered airline service in February 1968.)

      You are referring to intersecting aerosol trails by the sounds of it, not contrails, as contrails do not normally last long enough to intersect with other trails. Have you read this from an alleged whistleblower who found tanks for the aerosol adjacent the toilet/waste tanks? Refer:

      And what about information from a whistleblower from the USAF, Kristen Meghan?

      • Someone who understands aviation says:

        Hello Clare.

        It is very easy to find the explanation of why only modern aircraft using ADS-B transponders show on the flight radar website here:

        “The primary technology we use to receive flight information is called automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B).”

        “Today, roughly 60% of all passenger aircraft (70% in Europe, 30% in the US) are equipped with an ADS-B transponder.” In NZ, there are far, far more aircraft in the skies not equip with ADS-B transponders than those with them.

        On the above linked page is a list of aircraft that are commonly manufactured with ADS-B transponders that show up on the website. 737-100’s are ancient technology, and there isn’t a single one flying in New Zealand. However, the newer generation 737-800’s that Virgin Australia and Qantas fly are a regular sight in our skies.

        I’d like to refer to your “as contrails do not normally last long enough to intersect with other trails” quote. What is your definition of normally? There is no base line to compare weather other than what is known in meteorological fields as ISA (The International Standard Atmosphere). This assumes, for calculations sake, that at sea level all over the world, the air temperature is 15 degrees centigrade and decreases at 2 degrees per 1000 feet up, as well as surface air pressure being 1013 hPa and reducing at 1 hPa per 27 feet increase. These are based of a world wide average and are used by pilots for calculating things such as fuel consumption and engine performance whilst flying at different altitudes.

        Of course, the temperature and pressure are rarely if ever ISA conditions, as it varies day to day due to an abundance of factors. Therefore, condensation from wing tip vortices and water vapour from jet engine exhausts are commonly visible over a very wide range of atmospheric conditions and different altitudes. As someone with multiple qualifications in meteorology, I understand this clearly, and feel the need to explain that one can’t simple look into the sky and say “they don’t normally do that” when a white line of cloud is visibility behind an aircraft.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love a good conspiracy theory, however, as a commercial pilot, I must let you know that people who blatantly deny the scientific explanations of contrail creation are the laughing stock of the industry.

        And for your second point regarding some sort of dispersal tank being located inside the airliner adjacent to the toilet waste tank- do you seriously think airlines would train new pilots/mechanics on how to operate an aircraft type without covering every single aspect of every system? Highly detailed schematic diagrams used for these training purposes are readily available from the manufacturer, so there is nothing to stop Joe Public obtaining these at a cost and trying to find some hidden compartment.

        The credibility of the so called whistle blower could not be verified, so I put it to you that it’s just a nutcase somewhere stirring the pot. Think about it, there are over 2000 737 aircraft in the air at one time, and that’s just one single airliner type. When you realise the absolutely massive number of airliner sized aircraft that have been constructed, and the absolute lack of physical proof of any dispersal device being hidden inside an airframe or operated, it really does make you quite silly.

    • rose says:

      Speaking of nutcase somewhere stirring the pot – can I have this guys ip address please and thanks Clare.

      • Certainly, as I know you like to keep track of the abusers and disinformation agents, in order to keep your site safe for your site users. He is in New Zealand, (with Slingshot):

        While people new to this area may be of the opinion that stratospheric aerosol geoengineering can not be happening, as more people would have spoken out about it if it was a reality, remember that the Manhattan Project employed 130,000 and that was kept secret.

      • Dr Bill Deagle On Treating Pilots who fly planes with aerosol delivery devices:

  4. Jesse says:

    You are using flight radar 24/7 as a source? Really? Maybe get your own ads-b receiver then use that.

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