Lab Technician Says Aluminium Is Everywhere Because It Falls From the Sky 24/7

This is an excerpt from the article: ‘Natural News releases latest laboratory test results for Clean Chlorella, confirming it is the cleanest chlorella superfood on the planet.’

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NaturalNews    By Mike Adams, 23 May, 2013.

On a personal note

I was visiting an environmental testing lab just yesterday where they were running four ICP-MS systems, plus some new high-end ultra-trace mercury detection systems. The lab was amazing, with autosamplers and workstations running everywhere. They were using hot block digestion for most materials, as this lab was running mostly seawater samples for the petrochemical industry, so they didn’t need the high pressure microwave systems that we use for food samples.

I was chatting with one of the lab technicians about the speciation of aluminum — something that apparently nobody does in the entire industry — and he said, “Aluminum is in everything.” I replied, “Yeah, I know, especially food. Why do you think that is?”

He smiled and replied, without even a hint of sarcasm, “Because it falls out of the sky 24/7.”

Yep, even these lab techs know the truth about chemtrails spraying and the “geoengineering” of our planet! But that’s another story altogether…

On another personal note, when we first published our story about the lab tests of chlorella sources, we got threatened by one of the companies who claimed we should stop talking about metals contamination in chlorella. They hilariously claimed their chlorella contained “ZERO” metals, and they said if we didn’t stop talking about it, they would take some sort of action against us.

The problem with their threat is that the laws of physics don’t lie, and when we run your dirty, polluted chlorella through ICP-MS, we don’t just sit around and make up the numbers. Those numbers are produced by the laws of physics, and you can’t argue with the laws of physics, especially when the machine are calibrated so frequently.




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