Gary Arnold: Chemtrails – Staying on the Deadly Course in Santa Cruz

Gary ArnoldPublished May 25, 2013 by Gary Arnold 

Planes are not allowed off course without permission from MITRE.  MITRE is run by Ex- CIA James Schlesinger out of McLean, Virginia. Old CIA Air America was bought in a no bid auction by Evergreen International. Their own web site admits to CIA involvement.

Population reduction advocate John P. Holdren is connected with Schlesinger through Belfer Center. Leon Panetta is a life-long Rockefeller agent (a smiling Kissinger and just as deadly).  MITRE consultant, John P. Wheeler III appeared to be backing out of a previous “false flag” in which his name was associated … the nuclear armed North Dakota plane flying to Louisanna (with active nukes). 

See Dan Estulin’s book Shadow Masters on Russian born Victor Bout. Bout who was being legendized (similiar to Bin Laden) to take the “terrorist blame” for an “inside job”. It is likely for the second time, the U.S. has been saved from an internal nuclear event by whistle blowers. Wheeler is murdered (unsolved) and Bout is silenced in jail.

The Chemtrails and some vaccinations are the soft kill … with nuclear or biological events to follow, unless some more whistle blowers come forth. We can win this … people are waking up … wake up your family and friends … now..


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