Rainwater Test Results From Central Hawkes Bay Confirm Presence Of Aluminium, Barium & Strontium

By Kate Wilkinson, May 28, 2013.

Analytical Research Laboratories Limited (ARL) have finally sent my rainwater test results. (See below).


On the 14th of April, 2013, around mid-afternoon I noticed a large straight trail running right across from the south-west to the north-east over my father’s farm (right above us) in Central Hawke’s Bay. I asked my father

to come outside with me to verify that it did not look natural – there was clear blue sky on either side of the trail.  It spread right across the sky over the next hour-and-a-half until the whole sky was white.

I think there may have been a little (natural) cumulus in the western sky at the time, but the east had been clear until covered with the chemtrail.

The next day I drove to Analytical Research Laboratories Ltd (ARL), in Napier, and obtained two clean, empty sample bottles. It began to rain on the 16th of April. I strapped both bottles high up on fence posts in a paddock near the house and left them with their lids off. After a day I realised that the rain was so patchy I wouldn’t be able to collect sufficient rainwater for a decent sample as the bottle-necks just weren’t wide enough, so I attempted to collect water in a large plastic bowl set on an outside table (away from roofs and any other potential contaminant) however the wind threatened to blow the bowl off before it was heavy enough (with rainwater) to stay put. I finally collected rainwater for the samples in a clean stainless steel bowl.

The total rainwater samples were taken between 16th and 21st of April, poured into the bottles and the bottles were sealed. On the 22 April I posted one sample to Hills Laboratories and hand delivered the other to ARL in Napier.

Hills responded with results first (See below) and I rang their technician to discuss the outcome.

He intimated that the results could be unusual for rainwater if they hadn’t been collected in a stainless steel bowl which he considered accounted for the presence of the contaminants noted. He would not commit to further comment but suggested next time that I strap the sample bottle to a post again and attach a clean plastic funnel as the plastic may produce less ambiguous (my italics) results. The ARL results came on Monday 27th May.

I have since bought a funnel another sample bottle and am waiting for another example of combined presence of obvious chemtrail activity and more rain. 

ARL Results Below:


Hill Laboratories Result Below:SONY DSC

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