Newsletter From Climate Realists, No. 5, 2013

Greetings Climate Realists,
We have received a number of links to the NASA study suggesting that CO2 cools the atmosphere.
However the science behind this is still very much debated. For example, here is a  comment by Dr Vincent Gray:
The  Principia Scientifica website has a peculiar anti- greenhouse  bias. In this case they hope you do not notice that the amount of infra red  in sunlight is a negligible proportion of the total energy, and half  of the absorption would go down,something they deny. The radiation from the earth is mainly infra red but  most of the heat transfer is by convection and latent heat transfer.
So…. since we strive for accuracy, we’ll leave those article out at this stage!
Happy reading everyone.
Neil and Esther
Elevated CO2 making arid regions greener
May 31, 2013 — Scientists have long suspected that a flourishing of green foliage around the globe, observed since the early 1980s in satellite data, springs at least in part from the increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere. Now, a study of arid regions around the globe finds that a carbon dioxide “fertilization effect” has, indeed, caused a gradual greening from 1982 to 2010.
Glenn M
(Esther’s note): I find the previous article fascinating, given that my 20 year old daughter discovered information about this in an Israeli study two or more years ago when she was still attending school. When she used the information in an exam her teacher marked it as incorrect….. however my daughter was able to successfully argue her case, along with supporting evidence and her score was adjusted…..
Arctic Sea Ice
There is now more ice in the Arctic for this time of year than in recent years, says the Danish Meteorological Institute’s Centre for Ocean and Ice, which shows 2013 topping every year since 2005. See it here.Not only do current ice levels exceed those of recent years, says data from the International Arctic Research Center and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Center, but  the Arctic is today more ice-bound than it’s been, on average, over the last two decades. See it here.

That’s nothing, says data from the National Snow and Ice Data Center, an American organization assisted by NASA. The Arctic now has more ice — 269,000 square kilometres more – than in 1995. See it here……………….

Bryan L
Lyn and I have just returned from Alaska and the Glacier history there was most enlightening, some are retreating but conversely some are advancing!!! An example was in Glacier bay in 1680 there was no glacier just a valley where the Tlingit, Inuit’s (Eskimos) lived and a glacier making its way down the valley some 30 miles from the actual sea. Along comes the Little Ice age and by 1750 you have a glacier jutting out into the inland sea, a 35 mile increase in a very short space of time. 45 years later the same glacier had melted back into the bay 5 miles! and by 1880 the same glacier had retreated 40 miles back up the bay…and human intervention with their filthy, polluting industrial age had hardly got up a head of steam!! However I guess Mr Gore would have an explanation!
Locals are suggesting that the various glaciers are starting to regenerate and contrary to some opinions expressed by the supposed experts the winters are just as severe as they have been, wild life just as abundant and life pretty much remains as it has been as far back as the people we spoke with can remember.
Glenn M
Wind farms:
Tony Elliott
Heated rhetoric doesn’t serve debate over climate change

Climate change is an issue that needs to be discussed thoughtfully and objectively. Unfortunately, claims that distort the facts hinder the legitimate evaluation of policy options. The rhetoric has driven some policymakers toward costly regulations and policies that will harm hardworking American families and do little to decrease global carbon emissions. The Obama administration’s decision to delay, and possibly deny, the Keystone XL pipeline is a prime example……

Bryan L
Michaels: ‘My scientists made me shrink your car’

Since climate science is my field, I felt compelled to point out that Mr. Rudd’s support for a cap-and-trade policy for carbon emissions had recently helped cost him his job as prime minister. “Well, what should I have done?” he replied. “My scientists, I say, my scientists, told me this is an important problem.”

Having closely followed implementation of Mr. Rudd’s cap-and-trade, my response was admittedly a little testy: “Your scientists said exactly what you paid them to tell you.” …

Phil H
Letter to the editor of the NZ Herald
Dear Editor,
Your correspondent Mark Skelding refers to a report in “Science Daily” this month that examined several thousand scientific papers and “found” a 97% consensus in favour of anthropogenic global warming.
Actually, 94% of the papers are about the effects of climate change and assume it as fact. Large numbers of such papers are to be expected given the billions of dollars of taxpayer funding all over the world poured into such “research”. These thousands of papers, however, are not “research that proves anthropogenic global warming”, any more than thousands of intelligence agency papers that assumed the correctness of a handful of reports that Saddam Hussein had WMD’s, were actual “intelligence” that proved this.
While “only” 3% of the papers in the “Science Daily” study were climate science papers sceptical of the theory, only 3% of the papers were climate science papers supportive of the theory. That is a 50/50 balance.
Yours faithfully
Phil H
Global Cooling

Around 1250 A.D., historical records show, ice packs began showing up farther south in the North Atlantic. Glaciers also began expanding on Greenland, soon to threaten Norse settlements on the island. From 1275 to 1300 A.D., glaciers began expanding more broadly, according to radiocarbon dating of plants killed by the glacier growth. The period known today as the Little Ice Age was just starting to poke through…..

Adrian C
50-to-1 project: support requested:
50-to-1 has the potential to shift the climate debate for good!

Watch the video to see how, or read on!

What if we could show you that trying to ‘stop’ climate change is 50 times more expensive than adapting to it?  And what if we could prove it using numbers and formulas accepted by the IPCC, CRU and other ‘consensus’ bodies?  Well that’s exactly what 50-to-1 does.

The original calculations were done by Lord Christopher Monckton who has since presented his conclusions to audiences of scientists, economists and mathematicians all over the world.  You can see the calculations and a FULL LIST OF SOURCES here: 50 to 1 calculations and sources

Lord Monckton has now approached me to take the above and present it in a video and web package suitable for mass consumption on the internet.  If we can successfully help the general public to understand the futility of ‘stopping’ climate change and the relative value of adapting, then we can stop wasting money on useless schemes and start putting our money where it will ACTUALLY make a difference……….

Phil H


I have recently revised all my climate related web sites. If you are interested please log on to: 

and for a complete list of my websites please log on to:


John Maunder

Challenge to Climate Realists:
Hi Esther and Neil, Welcome back!!
…….. Have you head of the tour by Bill McKibben which is about to start? He has been brought here by the 350 society, I didn’t realise that James E Hansen had been and gone after talking to the establishment and Councils etc.  Too late to tackle that but the McKibben tour starts at Epsom Girls Grammar at 7pm on the 11th June.
I was hoping to get down to that but have been banned from driving by my GP …….. So I can’t get there but wondered if you know of any Climate Realists who live in Auckland who might be attending?
……if there are younger people present it would not be good to let these views go unchallenged. I haven’t heard of this guy but his web-site makes it clear where he stands, I would just like the chance to hold up the “Mail on Line” graph entitled “The Great Green Con no 1” for the audience to see.
Simon B
Esther’s note: Bill McKibbon is the founder of He will be in NZ 11-13 June on a ‘do the maths’ tour, details at
Auckland: Tues, 11 June, Epsom Girls Grammar School Hall, 7pm
Dunedin – Wed, 12 June, Colquhoun Lecture Theatre,University of Otago, 7pm
Wellington – Thurs, 13 June, The Embassy Theatre, 7pm
Get tickets and more info at
Here’s the blurb:

It’s simple maths: we can emit 565 more gigatons of carbon dioxide and stay below 2°C of warming — anything more than that risks catastrophe for life on earth. The only problem? Burning the fossil fuel that corporations now have in their reserves would result in emitting 2,795 gigatons of carbon dioxide – five times the safe amount. And they’re planning to burn it all — unless we do the maths to change our future…….

So- the challenge is, who is willing to roll along to one of the meetings and present some of the facts which will challenge what these people are presenting?
Is Roy Spencer the world’s  most important scientist?

Roy Spencer is a climate scientist at the University of Alabama Huntsville who may be the world’s most important scientist.   He has discovered scientific insights and theories that cast great doubt on global warming doctrine.  That doctrine has always been dubious and is often defended by attacking the integrity of anyone who dares to raise questions.  Spencer is a rare combination of a brilliant scientist and a brave soul willing to risk his livelihood and reputation by speaking plainly.


The global warming promoters say we must scrap the world’s energy infrastructure in favor of green energy.  They say that burning coal, oil and natural gas adds carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and that will cause a global warming disaster.  The global warming believers demand a massive investment in uneconomic windmills and solar energy.  Their demands are not exactly sincere, because their program is a utopian fantasy that will never be implemented on the scale needed to achieve the ostensible objectives….

Read more:

Phil H
Some very useful items I have just been looking at:
from SINTEF in Norway, “Consensus and Controversy: The Debate on Man-Made Global Warming”
It contains such information as the sources of hundreds of peer-reviewed papers that support skepticism; hundreds of well credentialed scientists who are CAGW skeptics; and discussions of controversies that are beyond the layman to understand. Particularly useful, is a discussion of this paper that constructs via a substantial set of data, what I believe to be the long established truth regarding global climate cycles:

Ljungqvist, F.C. (2010) “A New Reconstruction of Temperature Variability in the Extra-Tropical Northern Hemisphere During the Last Two Millennia”.

Roy Spencer’s latest comparison of climate model temperature predictions versus reality:
Public Relations firms and Climate Change:
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