Chemtrails Precede Record Rain Levels

By Sarah Hornibrooke of Golden Bay. 


At mid afternoon of Friday, 14.6.2013 here in Golden Bay, New Zealand, I noticed several cross-hatch chemtrails. The rain event that followed on Sunday 16.6.2013, in Takaka, Tasman, Marahau and Riwaka gave the record measurement of 404mm from TDC official gauge at Anatoki for that day. The Anatoki Salmon Farm, Takaka was devastated, all the big and medium fish (60,000) were lost, and it will be about total $1m dollars to fix and restock.  There were many serious slips and damage. A woman was killed at Marahau when her house was inundated by a slip.
A similar rain event happened in Golden Bay  before Christmas 2011, and  in 2010 ex All Black Todd Blackadder nearly lost his life with other campers in a flash flood of the Aorere. Many people have damage or have lost their homes and had their business’s destroyed and interrupted by this weather. Getting their insurance payments can be difficult. People have noticed that a lot is falling in a short time, some keep good records themselves. Strangely I don’t think when it is raining that it is all that hard. This time again it was extremely localized and it fell a lot in very small areas, over a short time.  The river got high here, but  did not flood, even though there were sudden massive slips and wash outs and record rain. There has been a series of small, shallow but “explosive” earthquakes in our area earlier this year. Has that loosened the land?                                                                                            
I find it interesting that we are being told by the news media that we can expect more “100year floods” when we have had so many already on such a regular basis.  How do they know?
The Leader, Nelson, 11.7.2013. Tasman Floods reach 13.8 million pages 1 and 2

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2 Responses to Chemtrails Precede Record Rain Levels

  1. Dan says:

    This makes no sense as you said earlier in the year the chemtrails caused the draught..

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