NASA Scientist Uses Word “Chemtrails”

The following phone conversation was recorded on July the 10th, 2013.   It is between a concerned US citizen, named Sue and Douglas E. Rowland, a Heliophysicist at the Laboratory for Space Weather based at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.   At about 2.50mins he refers to “chemtrails” in relation to trails of chemicals put into the sky by NASA for experimentation purposes.   


Anomalous Transport Rocket Experiment: NASA Launches 5 Suborbital Rockets To Study Jet Stream

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One Response to NASA Scientist Uses Word “Chemtrails”

  1. nzbeachman says:

    The US Congress Space Preservation Act 2001 clearly lists chemtrails as an exotoc weapon (7Bii). Interestingly, I can’t find the reference in later amendments to the Act. .

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