Conspicuous Chemtrail Over Auckland, July 31, 2013

There was a highly conspicuous chemtrail deposited in the sky over Auckland on Wednesday morning, July the 31st, 2013, at about 7am.

Barron Braden took the first two photos on Wednesday, July the 31st, 2013 at about 7am.  He wrote: “I took an incredible chemtrail photo…over Auckland, highlighted by the sun. It was so very obvious, right during commuter traffic at 7 am!”Baron Auckland 31 July 2013


Auckland Chemtrail 7am 31 July 2013Angela McCleary took these two photos of a chemtrail below at about 7.15am from Ellerslie, Auckland on July the 31st. These pictures appear to show the same trail as that shown in the two photos above spreading out. 




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5 Responses to Conspicuous Chemtrail Over Auckland, July 31, 2013

  1. Louisa Young says:

    I wish we just had ‘one’ chemtrail. To me it looks like all those clouds are left overs from chemtrails in the picture. Nelson has masses of trails all at once, 2-3 planes working the sky … lots are off radar.
    Thank you for the upload though
    It’s such a sad world that the Bilderburg group running the world are getting away with this through manipulating everything from Governments, to media.
    Here’s something from a friend Max Bliss

    “Some may say that all of the worlds leaders are hand picked by the (tyrants) Committee of 300’s Totalitarian not so secret NWO government cabinet the … Bilderburg Group…if the reported plans for a third world war were to play out, the Rothschild/Rockefeller dominated UN/NATO will need an enemy… Since China makes everything and is the nominated manufacturer of the NWO, with a compliant workforce ( minus 25 million dissenters killed by Mao)…..Maybe Russia and it’s aging but vast military will suffice aligned with the manipulated Islamic nations, that the NWO need to destroy the culture of to implement the new age UN Luciferian doctrine. Russia stood in the way of totalitarian NWO in the early 18th C…..are they stooges or genuine….? Lets hope that we the people recognize the obscenely rich power players for the despotic killers they are and we the people stop the insanity….PEACE 4 ALL

  2. Sarah says:

    Avaaz have a petition NOW! A world wide ban on illegal chemtrail spraying. Google search to sign and please pass this on.

  3. Sarah says:

    Another Avaaz petition Who is allowing this to happen in NZ ? We want the truth.

    Try to sign them both. One for NZ and the other international.

  4. Hi Clare, there is a new and pretty tragic greenie mag out called NZ Green Idea that has an article on conspiracy theories and covers Chemtrails. It is issue five. They only use the word chemtrail once and then switch to persistant contrail and then just contrails. You even get a mention as a NZ conspiracy site.

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