Letter In Northern Advocate About Chemtrails/Geoengineering on August 26

Toni Anne Smith

Toni Anne Smith

The following letter, by Toni Anne Smith of Hikurangi, Northland, was published in the Northern Advocate on August the 26, 2013 on page 8, in the Letters To The Editor section. It was written in response to a relatively lengthy disinformation piece from a “commercial pilot” whose name was withheld, that appeared in the Saturday, 17th of August edition under a heading which indicated chemtrails were merely hot air.

The pilot had implied that he was qualified to write about contrails/aerosols owing to his profession. However,  being a pilot does not qualify one to be an expert in this field, just as having a driver’s licence is not a ticket to be a mechanic.  On a related note, evidence shows that aerosol delivery devices on commercial planes are controlled remotely and thus, pilots are taking no part in the activity.

Tonis letter


Geoengineer David Keith Using Aluminum, Over 10 Megatons Per year, instead of Sulfur


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Interested in what is really going on, not that promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media.
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5 Responses to Letter In Northern Advocate About Chemtrails/Geoengineering on August 26

  1. Danielle says:

    Brilliant letter!

    • A concern pilot. says:

      Actually, I am the pilot that wrote this piece. Its not disinformation at all. It was merely asking a few questions as to how you can actually tell the difference, and pointing out the fact that people are publicly making threats against aircraft.
      I did not want my name published in the Advocate as I don’t want it associated with this nonsense.
      I am more than willing to meet and discuss these issues with anyone who is willing to listen and actually talk.
      The above description of “having a drivers licence” shows how little the author actually understands into what is involved in becoming a pilot.
      To get to the level of licence that I hold right now, I have had to sit three exams at Private pilots, Commercial pilots and Air transport pilots categories in Meteorology. I know for a fact that I am more qualified and more educated in the workings of the atmosphere than the poster.
      And to say that devices are triggered remotely. Again, I can go into the technical side, or the aerodynamics side of things to show how this is not possible. Certainly not without pilots knowledge.

      • The physical address associated with to your IP address,, has been a source of disinformation many times before. Refer: http://ipaddress.is/,

        Northern Advocate staff advised a friend, Robyn P. that they will not publish a letter without a real name unless it is a “life-threatening” situation. You claim it was because you did not want your name linked to your nonsense, which I suppose is understandable, but it does not seem feasible that they published your “opinion” given what Robyn was advised several months ago.

        You state here that you were “merely asking a few questions…” That is not true. For example, to quote you: “People have educated themselves on YouTube and various other websites that have no scientific base or facts and are not peer reviewed in any way…”

        How can you not know that there have been a wide variety of scientific tests done, including rainwater tests, that were conducted by labs qualified to do so. The rainwater, the air and the soil are contaminated with aluminium, barium and strontium. Read CASE ORANGE, which was prepared by academics.

        You also state as if you think the public is utterly stupid: “And to say that devices are triggered remotely. Again, I can go into the technical side or the aerodynamics side of things to show how this is not possible. Certainly not without pilots knowledge.”

        What does ‘aerodynamics’ have to do with triggering a device remotely, for example via satellite? Of course they can be activated without a pilot’s knowledge, just as the toilet can be flushed on a plane without a pilot’s knowledge. By the way, most of us are using a remote for the TV – aerodynamics does not come into that equation either.

        Geoff McColl of Parua Bay, a retired top-dressing pilot, has advised me that he believes planes are spraying chemtrails. I was also advised by a commercial pilot, who flies internationally, whom I spoke to at the Farmers market in Whangarei, that it is feasible that a passenger plane can be spraying trails and that he not be aware of it.

      • toni says:

        I am the person who wrote a reply to your letter in the paper “Air Engineering” and my name is Toni Anne Smith as I DO want to be associated with Stratospheric Aerosol Geo Engineering as I want to uncover the truth. I am unsure if you have researched this however I also understand your reaction to this if you have not gained some scientific facts on the subject.
        We are aware of the science behind contrails however this is not what this is about. Geo engineering is chemical based aerosols which are sprayed into the stratosphere. Tiny nanoparticles of aluminium and barium as well as many other harmful toxins. Because these particles are so small they are being inhaled by all living things on this planet as well as poisoning the soil and water.
        On a massive scale geo engineering will likely result in democide if not stopped completely. During the 20th century alone the Governments around the world killed 262,000,000 people. Do you not think this is possible?
        If you ask why this is happening then research this and you will discover the answers and then join the dots.
        On that note Clare Swinney and I will be happy to meet you and discuss this issue so please get in touch with Clare to discuss details.

  2. Jim Reece says:

    This was sent into the Northern Advocate earlier in the week by former Navy employee, Mr Brad Wynyard of Tikipunga. It was written in reply to anonymous pilot’s poorly researched Opinion piece, that was published on August 17th, 2013 and titled ‘Theory is just hot air’:

    Dear Editor,
    The caption underneath the photo of contrails reads ‘No worries’, this should read ‘be worried, be very very worried.’ The debate over what is a vapour trail or a chemtrail no doubt will go on and on much like the
    global warming debate. However chemtrail observation has where possible been followed by air and water sampling. This is now happening worldwide including Whangarei. The most visible signs here being long reflective
    polymer fibers seen in certain light around the western hills.

    Samples of these along with air and water samples around the world are showing up Aluminium oxide, Strontium, Barium and a range of other chemicals. These Chemicals which are extremely hazardous to our health, are part of a patented technology to be used supposedly for stratosphere
    aerosol engineering to reduce global warming.
    Whangarei is definitely in the drift down range, air and water samples plus the observation of the polymer fibers confirm this.
    Satellite imagery available in the internet has shown chemtrails extending well out into the Tasman and Pacific ocean giving the chemtrails plenty of time to make landfall.
    So next time you see a vapour trail that lasts for hours and starts forming a cloud layer get onto the internet and get informed, make up your own mind. It’s you and your family’s health that is at stake.

    Brad Wynyard

    Here is a video showing the kind of reflective fibers Brad is referring to:

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