Protests Against Chemtrails In NZ Towns On August 25

As part of the Global March Against Chemtrails of August the 25th, 2013, activists in towns around New Zealand were out on the streets with their banners, flyers and photos.  This was an opportunity to wake more people up to this greatest crime of all time.

A dedicated group of activists in Nelson made the most of it, as the collage of photos below shows.  Offers Louisa Young: “What can I say, an excellent effort from all involved.. thank-you guys for turning up in Nelson.  Awesome banners! We’d like to plan another one soon to coincide with the market next!  Well done to those who took part.”


The next photo is from Greymouth, which is on the west coast and they were taken on August the 25th also.  There was not a huge turn out of protesters, but they had a few curious people who came to check out the signs and photos. Note the geo-engineered sky in the background. GreymouthIn Taupo, Carol Ranger (below) showed that one person can make a difference.  She says she didn’t talk to many people, but managed to hand out 101 handouts.

She offers: “Maybe 30 odd people wouldn’t take the flyers. People backed away with their hands up,  as if it would harm them to even touch the piece of paper…I only hope some will do a Google search.”    Carol says she was nervous initially, but then felt good that she was doing something.  She advises: “I would have rather stayed at home in my garden.  The only trouble is that “they” are now imposing into my little World, with these toxic chemicals and the aerosols are causing a reduction in the amount of sunshine we are getting.”

Taupo Carol

Above: Carol Ranger in Taupo waking people up to chemtrails/geoengineering.

There was also a sign put up in Cathedral Square in Christchurch, (see below) however, writes Marian Sutherland, it was quiet.  Activists chatted to some people, handed out some flyers and some educational DVDs.   Advises Marian: “One guy was very interested,  so here’s hoping we made a difference, even if it was small.”


Thank-you very much to those who were involved and made an effort to inform others.   You are all champions!


Melbourne Against Chemtrails, March August 25th, 2013


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2 Responses to Protests Against Chemtrails In NZ Towns On August 25

  1. Steven Esson says:

    Hi when will the next one be?

    Your friend STEVE .

    Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2013 01:42:48 +0000 To:

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