Take Action – Defend your right to say NO to deep sea oil drilling


The Texan oil company Anadarko – the same one that was directly involved in the worst oceanic oil spill in history – has just announced where it plans to start deep sea drilling in New Zealand this summer.

It will attempt high-risk exploratory drilling off the west coast of the north island near Raglan’s world class surf break, and in the rough waters not far from the Otago Coast and the world’s only mainland breeding colony of Royal Albatross.

And, just days before Anadarko’s announcement, our Government revealed plans to remove the rights of New Zealanders to have any say about exploratory deep-sea drilling for oil and gas.

This follows another law change that criminalises certain aspects of protest at sea.

Democracy in NZ is under threat. Our clean coastlines are under threat, and our chance for a prosperous future based on clean energy is under threat.

It is vital that you send a message to the Government opposing this law change now, and then spread the word as much as possible.

Environment Minister Amy Adams has released a discussion document, and has invited public submissions. So we’ve set up this easy submission form for you to tell her what you think. (It will count as an official submission and may be made available as public record.)

The time to act is now.

Go here:  http://www.greenpeace.org/new-zealand/en/take-action/Take-action-online/defend-your-right-to-say-no-to-deep-sea-oil/

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2 Responses to Take Action – Defend your right to say NO to deep sea oil drilling

  1. MikeC says:

    Am I allowed to defend my right to say YES to deep sea drilling??

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