Heavy Aerosol Spraying Over Ohakune on October 21

From Scott Philip, via email.
On Monday, the 21st of October there was heavy aerosol spraying around Ohakune.  It started off as a fine day, then the planes started spraying chemtrails at about midday, at least one every half-hour leaving a trail!   I observed the trails which stayed and spread out into a haze.  By the late afternoon the sky was just a white haze! The day before was clear and sunny all day.   The few planes I did see had contrails that disappeared after a few minutes,
so what I witnessed on Monday was not normal air traffic.  They were destroying our sky.   Here are some photos – not that great sorry, as they were taken off my phone.
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3 Responses to Heavy Aerosol Spraying Over Ohakune on October 21

  1. Marian Sutherland says:

    Many thanks for sharing your experience of seeing your skies getting systematically demolished by the depositing of chemtrails, which did their dirty work, and eventually smothered the sun with a white haze, Scott.
    Your photos are a record of the Atmospheric Aerosol Geoengineering crime, the serious results of which we are all unwilling recipients ( at least those of us who are aware this is happening .)

  2. Ian Mitchell says:

    Aeroral spraying over Hamilton this mourning 30/10/2013.Always seems to be when incomeing wheather fronts are comeing in of the Tasman.

  3. penney ness says:

    Chrischurch on Wednesday 30 October definitely had a Chemtrail above in the skies as far as I’m concerned; this trail was not a contrail. Did anyone else see it? Same M.O. as above, it was a lovely day in christchurch and then this dominated the atmosphere. It stayed until it dissipated . . first growing larger and wider, then grew into a mass of cloud. The sky grew cloudy and suddenly a feeling of a change in the weather. .. a nor-Easterly. What has taken place since is strange cloudy and sporadic rain. Here in Christchurch with the atmosphere so cool up there, contrails from planes are a common thing and one might become oblivious to a trail that actually is a chemtrail and not a contrail. So much for eating organic in Christchurch! Hmm! I wonder who gets to pick which cities and towns? I also wonder how the pilots flying the planes that are poisoning all the innocent people around the world can actually sleep at night. If any of you guys out there are reading this- well I don’t know what the lowest form of a human being would be called, but you’d certainly fit that criteria along with the Government that ok’d it. Isn’t it amazing that the number ‘6’ pertains to man, and the sixth commandment is: “you shall not murder”!

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