Plane Sprayed A Chemtrail In A Circle Over Raglan, NZ


4 November, 2013.  Posted by

On Sunday we were out into what up till than had been a great day and this is what appeared when a plane all of a sudden made a loop in the sky. It was a trail which unlike the normal condensation trails was not reabsorbed into the colder air but instead started to build up into a cloud over a period of several hours.

What is interesting is that the route the plane  took (which was a smallish plane of an unknown type) is not on a known flight path and too high to be an route to Hamilton airport for example. I am puzzled by the need of the pilot to make a circle like this and I don’t know if the previous trail was laid by the same plane.


The first photo was taken by one of my neighbors and was made straight after the plane flew over. You also see a previous trail already spreading rather than being reabsorbed.


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17 Responses to Plane Sprayed A Chemtrail In A Circle Over Raglan, NZ

  1. EDOMS THORN says:

    Here in Southeast Louisiana, USA I watched a jet running out of ‘product’ sputtering and turn around in the direction he had come from. I have also seen when they have reached their designated area and turn it on and begin spraying.

    Alex Jones tells his worshipers that Commercial Airlines have that in their fuel and do not know they are spraying! IF that was true, why do we not see the Airports sitting in a cloud all of the time?

    • Evidence shows commercial airlines are using aerosol delivery devices. A C Griffiths made that point. There was a whistleblower who had worked for Evergreen airlines who said that he was involved in installing these.

      • EDOMS THORN says:

        Thank you Clare,

        I should have been a little clearer, I was referring to Alex insinuating that the fuel had the stuff in it and the pilots were unaware, and that A.J. was acting like it was released in the exhaust and not sprayed.

        Those of us that were awake in the 90’s had determined that the chemtrails were being sprayed by military aircraft and that some of those, we suspected, were from foreign nations, you may remember Bill Clinton changed flight restriction law in U S airspace!
        There was also talk of the ‘presence’ of it being impregnated in the atmosphere was also to be used to reflect Holographic Images on. I hear none of that any more have you?

        I do not know if you have seen this but there is a lot of information and links you may find useful.
        From: Craig Roberts

        On the 135s, that photo was emailed to me and looked very bizarre as I used to work on 707s and know the fuel tank vents are in the wingtips. I sent this along to a friend who is in the ‘right place’ and he did an analysis. His response came in this morning: the airplane is a Navy TACAMO electronic command and control plane. It has NO room for extra fuel to spray, and the fuel vents were relocated to the inboard points because of all the antennas that are now in the wingtips. I’ll email his response, including the Boeing site.

        Also, my contact said that he believes that a number of upgraded 707s have been outfitted with spray equipment with a tail or wing exit point, then sold/given to a black ops contractor for the dirty work. They were probably at one time air liners with foreign registry that have upgraded engines and “hush kits.” 707s cannot fly here anymore unless these mods have been done due to noise signature limits. We think we know where they were modified and who might be operating them, but at this point it’s only a guess. I don’t want to point fingers until I know for sure or have witnesses/photos.

        Photo USAF 135 Caught Spraying Chemtrails – NOT A Fuel Dump

        Thanks again,


      • Yes, I know what you were referring to thank-you. I should have been clearer.

      • EDOMS THORN says:

        Clare I was wanting to know …”There was also talk of the ‘presence’ of it being impregnated in the atmosphere was also to be used to reflect Holographic Images on. I hear none of that any more have you?

    • travellerev says:

      I’m no expert but what you see I think is not the particles but the ice forming on them so for all intends and purposes this shit is being burned and sprayed on the tarmac. Maybe a good idea to scrape some off and have it tested if you can get on one

  2. James says:

    I have noticed they nearly always seem to spray in the south west – western Waikato area – almost on a daily bases. It must have something to do with the prevailing winds from that direction. I personally think that it is having a profound effect on the amount of rain we are getting, which is well below normal. I think they are trying to cause another drought, being a dairy farmer it deeply concerns me. I just wish more people would notice them.

    • Thank-you James. I just came back from a talk in Whangarei given by Green Party people talking about (the ridiculous idea that) carbon dioxide emissions are harmful – including the emissions from farms in NZ. One of them eluded to the notion that we should not be eating meat. Not many attended, which is not surprising given that most know “climate change” patter is propaganda now.
      Interestingly, two of the speakers referred to “geoengineering”, but neither of admitted it is occurring now. When I approached one of them, Mick Kelly, a “climate scientist” who has worked for the IPCC, and mentioned we are finding aluminium, barium and strontium in the rainwater and that there is evidence to show stratospheric aerosol geoengineering is occurring already, he said: “I don’t want to discuss it.” Science is about being open and approximating the truth – it didn’t seem to matter to this “climate scientist” though.

  3. Nik says:

    The geoengineering chemtrial operation is being done by the Military Industrial Complex. It is the only agency of the banking cartel with the resources, position & knowhow to implement such an operation.

    It will primarily be related to the ‘Haarp’ technology & an agenda to play god with the planet’s weather systems & magnetic fields, that will be the type of ‘end game’ aimed for & nothing to do with false climate change cover story.

  4. James says:

    I agree with Nick. These illuminati psycopaths want total control of everything! Look around the world and you will see it being destroyed by design, whether its chemtrails, haarp, Fukashima radiation, fracking, deforestation, gulf oil spill, ect – we are under attack! It never ceases to amaze me how trivial the mainstream media is, I mean lately all they seem to focus on is things like the Auckland mayor’s sex life! Mean while they are spraying us with toxic chemicls, Fukashima is spewing massive amounts of radiation into the Pacific ocean for more than 2 1/2 years! Our Goverment has allowed fracking which will ultimately destroy our water tables! I try to wake people up to this and host of other issues such as banking scams, 911, engineered wars, GMO’S, flouride ect,ect, and try to get them to conect all the dots, but it is an uphill battle – even my wife dosen’t believe alot of this! I thankyou Clare, very much for standing up against this – we need more people like you!


    • And we need more people like you too, James. Thank-you. Email me your address and I’ll send you some DVDs to wake your wife up with.
      I agree with your comments. I have noticed many TV programs are leading people to focus on increasingly trivial matters. I am sure this is by design.

  5. MikeC says:

    Edom wrote: Photo USAF 135 Caught Spraying Chemtrails – NOT A Fuel Dump

    That page says the aircraft is NOT a 135 – it is an E6 TACOMO – which has a lot of communication equipment in the wingtips, so they moved the fuel dump nozzles to the inner wing.

    It does the cause no good to continually repeat these false claims!

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