Bill Guest of Farmers of NZ Talks To RadioNZ About How Another Drought Will Effect Northland’s Farmers

This video includes two short interviews which aired on Radio New Zealand’s Midday Rural News on Friday, November 8th, 2013.  First, Bill Guest, a dairy farmer of Dargaville, Northland, who is the Operations Director for Farmers of New Zealand, talks about Northland’s deficit of rain and how another drought will effect the farming community, plus more.  Then a Queensland cattle farmer says she may resort to shooting stock on drought-stricken National Park grasslands, as a deadline looms for removing them.

Naturally, there is no mention on RadioNZ that the severe droughts that have plagued New Zealand and Australia recently appear to have been engineered, as they appear to have been in the United States. 

Aerosols associated with geoengineering are being seen regularly in New Zealand and Australia, and aluminium, barium and strontium are being found in their rainwater.

Aerosol trails sprayed in parallel over Whangarei on October 22, 2013.

Aerosol trails sprayed in parallel over Whangarei on October 22, 2013.

Geoengineering can cause drought, as it reduces rainfall by blocking the sun and thus evaporation over oceans. Less direct sunlight, fewer photons, thus dimished evaporation.  Plus, a known consequence of saturating the atmosphere with particulates is drought, because when there are too many condensation nuclei in the air, the rain can not form into droplets big enough to fall as rain.

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14 Responses to Bill Guest of Farmers of NZ Talks To RadioNZ About How Another Drought Will Effect Northland’s Farmers

  1. Peter William Capper says:

    This is how you bring a govt down…kind of peacefully….

    Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 11:08:17 -0800 Subject: Re: you Icelanders are beacons for all to follow…

  2. Peter William Capper says:

    great they have chemtrails in this very popular internet magazine….

    Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 18:28:55 -0500

  3. kenmoonman says:

    Yes there is drought danger for some parts of Northland this summer, but not all.

    • Your ability to predict droughts is highly questionable, Mr Ken Ring. I have on record that you misled readers of the Northern Advocate in to believing that you had the ability to predict the drought of early-2013, (Northern Advocate, Issue April 25), while in the comment section on this website, beneath the article, ‘Drought zone a step closer,’ dated Feb. 23, 2013 you had written:

      “There will be no drought. From Ken Ring: Northland and Auckland including Whangaparoa get good falls in first half of March with local flooding possible in some areas in the third week, then heavy falls in the fourth week about 20th-27th. Dargaville’s rain is in the first and fourth weeks. The far north gets most rain amounts 3rd-8th and 20th onwards. Kaikohe and Whangarei get heavy falls around 4th-8th, 14th and 22nd. Coromandel may be wet enough to bring flooding. See”

      Also, Mr Ring contends chemtrails are vaporised ice crystals, although he was sent material which shows otherwise many months ago. I wonder how he accounts for the aluminium, barium and strontium being found in New Zealand rainwater and the numerous


      plumes from aircraft being seen?

  4. Peter William Capper says:

    Please share this info!

    Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2014 17:18:11 +0000

  5. Peter William Capper says:

    Hi everyone, Don’t keep any cash in your bank after today …. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intelligence agenciy the GRU has warned the 15 Feb is said to be the day Obama’s gonna crash the banks but usually when a dates given it doesn’t happen but better safe than sorry… Pete

  6. Peter William Capper says:

    Hi everyone, Please support the Norwegian delegation who have nominated this great human being of peace and truth as a candidate for The Nobel Peace Prize … which is far more deserved than Barak Hussein Obama’s…. they have even asked for him to return his Peace Prize! Hahahaa! Pete

  7. kahudes says:

    This is total disinformation. P. Capper is spreading garbage, and should know better, after I informed him how the media is totally owned and controlled by this group:
    Here is what is really going on.
    Karen Hudes @KarenHudes 3hDocumenting treason with political science tools

  8. Peter William Capper says:

    Firstly, you did not send me an email stating these particular media sources are owned by “this group” and l am only a messenger delivering what l believe to be important events globally that impact on us in New Zealand directly…the only 2 emails you sent me was to thank me for forwarding a post regarding the Jesuits hierarchy and their network …
    After sending you a follow up email regarding info on Youtube, you rudely denounced me as someone who knew nothing … you will not get far if you continually ridicule the messenger…
    You mistaken my efforts as disinformation … l am not that gullible and have been studying the Cabal for over 15 years now… beginning my research when l first got involved with The Maori Battalion’s exploits in WW2…
    As with anyone, l am not accurate 100% of the time but l am not that gullible to post information that can’t be backed up with evidence either ….
    If l’m wrong in my efforts to uncover the truth then l apologise but don’t shoot the messenger… we are after all wanting the same result and Neil Keenan is making huge inroads into their demise and he was upset with you mingling in his efforts …
    I respect you both for your works and support you both so don’t ridicule me for bringing what l believe to be the truth to my family and friends and those yet to awaken to these events…we are not all privy to the level of information you uncover so please realise this ..!
    If you have evidence to the contrary, then l am more than open to them….

  9. Peter William Capper says:

    Your link regarding the Nuke that was to detonate above Charleston, South Carolina 8 October 2013, l already knew about…and the firing of over 200 top ranking Military officials to date…
    These events were uncovered by Alex Jones on 3 Sept, a whole month before the above report and prior to Obama’s attempt to start WW3 in Syria after 4 nuclear devices were smuggled illegally out of the Dyess Air Force base in Texas and transported to South Carolina and detonated off the coast as you reported …
    I underdstand Alex Jones is financed by the CIA “White Hats” and people misinterpret this as him being on the bad guys team… do you have info to the contrary?
    Bill Cooper had no time for him so there is doubt hes on the good guys team…however, his daily reports suggest different…


  10. Anton Capper says:

    So guys, the same must apply in Australia?

    From: Peter William Capper [] Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2014 4:14 PM To:; Baycorp Collections Dept; Campbell Live; Guyon Espiner;; Mr John Lear; NORTHLAND NEW ZEALAND CHEMTRAILS WATCH; Project Nsearch;;;; Subject: RE: Tax is illegal

    Hi Chris,

    that is about the best news l’ve heard ever!!!

    I will test this with the Community Law Office and get them digging, they will love an opportunity like this …

    Best regards



    From: To: CC: ; ; Subject: FW: Tax is illegal Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 23:38:32 +1300



    Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 16:24:24 +0000 Subject: Re: Tax is illegal

    Yes it’s my view that this article does apply to the taxpayers and residents of New Zealand but the customary war law duty to refuse to pay taxes, fines, duties etc only comes into effect IF your government takes part in an aggressive war and causes the deaths of innocent people.

    If your government has taken any action whatsoever to support the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya and/or has taken any action to support anti-government forces in Syria, it has broken international law and your duty to pay tax is reversed and is now a duty to refuse to pay tax.

    New Zealand ratified the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court in 2000, so under your domestic legislation if any public official took part in the 21st Century illegal wars they committed a criminal offence under sections 9, 10 or 11 of the International Criminal Court Act 2000 [NZ’s domestic criminal legislation) and I assume that New Zealand law will render any person who aids, abets or assists the commission of such a crime liable to prosecution and punishment as an accessory to the crime.

    Hope this helps

    Chris C

  11. Peter William Capper says:

    Hi all, I have been following these guys for a few months … the elite US special forces both active and retired are rebelling against Obama and his cronies and are now in open opposition to the Federal Govt … Can you see it all imploding around them … these former Seal Commanders aren’t stupid, they are highly intelligent men and women who believe in the US Constitution and swore allegiance to it NOT THE ILLEGAL CRIMINAL GOVT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA!!!…………. and these men and women know when they’ve been had and are no longer putting up with it … the end of Bush/Obama AND THE EVIL SECRET SOCIETIES is at hand … Help these former Seal Commanders get into the Whitehouse if you can … Pete

  12. Peter William Capper says:

    Read how the govt in collusion with banksters and big business intend running NZ broke with debt so the fat cats can move in a buy everything at peppercorn prices (they call it Austerity like the scam going on in Greece and Europe) … now you know why the National Govt stats are so terrible … its all a plan for them to take it all and even further enslave you into this evil system we call a Capitalist Democracy … its all KAKA!!! Pete

  13. Peter William Capper says:

    Iwi are being paid off to allow mining of our mineral resources as stated in this document attached ! Peter

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