STOPSMARTMETERS: Free public screenings of “Take Back Your Power”

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• Free Public Screenings of “Take Back Your Power” – the movie that tells you what you need to know about “smart meters” to protect your health
Don Maisch PhD, visiting expert on the dangers of “smart meters” to speak in Auckland and Christchurch…

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This is one of our occasional newsletters to let you know about “smart meter” related news and events  which you may be interested to attend yourself, or may be appreciated by other people you know.

The events featured below are specifically on the topic of “smart” or “advanced meters”.  As you may know, these meters use microwave radiation to transmit data about electricity use, thereby raising health concerns.

Public talks on “smart meters” by Don Maisch, PhD

Dr Don Maisch will be in NZ in November and will be giving public talks on “smart meters”. Dr Maisch runs and his  PhD thesis explored how vested interests have influenced safety standards for electromagnetic radiation (EMR), so he brings a strong scientific background to this important topic.

Details for his talks may be found at this link:

If you would like to help advertise his talks, please forward this email to your list, and/or print out the A4 size black and white posters at these links and put them up on noticeboards in your community and/or shop windows – with permission, of course!  Many thanks for your help.

When the details for other talks by Don Maisch have been confirmed, posters will be available for download from this link:

Free public showings of  Take Back Your Power – the new documentary on “smart meters”

Free (or koha) public showings of this highly recommended documentary are being held all around NZ.

Details for these showings may be found at this link:

Posters (A4 size) may be downloaded at these links:

As the dates for other showings are confirmed, posters for these events will be available at this link:

Any help that you can give to publicise these events (such as forwarding this email to family, friends, colleagues etc) and/or printing out and putting up posters in your community would be appreciated.

If you are interested in running a showing of this DVD in your town or suburb, please send an email through this link:  and you will be sent information to help you do this. Thank you.

The documentary may be streamed or the DVD may be purchased through

You can see a trailer for Take Back Your Power here: 

This is a great tool to educate family, friends and colleagues about the “smart meter” issue.

General information about the “smart meter” situation in NZ may be found at

I wish you all the best for a happy and safe Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

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Katherine Smith

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