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Heavy Rain In Northland In Early Hours of Sunday, December 29

Unusually heavy rain fell in Northland in the early hours of Sunday morning, the 29th of December, 2013, bringing some welcome relief to farmers, who have had serious concerns about the possibility of  another drought.  About 4 inches of rain … Continue reading

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Coromandel flooding causes traffic chaos,  Sunday,  29 Dec 2013. Travellers are being urged to avoid the east coast of the Coromandel as heavy rain has brought flooding to many coastal communities, police say. Overnight heavy rain, which was still continuing, had resulted in several … Continue reading

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Unnatural Cloud Formations In Nelson’s Sky

From Ngaire Small of Nelson, 25th December, 2013. As with almost every day in Nelson nowadays, these unnatural cloud formations were evident throughout the 24th and 25th of December, 2013.  Unfortunately, our sky is now very rarely without “chemcloud” poisoning … Continue reading

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Masses of Aerosols Evident Over Whangarei On December 24, 2013

The following photos of aerosols and unnatural-looking waves formations in faux cloud matter were taken between 14.38 and 20.43 NZT from Whangarei, which is in Northland, New Zealand, on December the 24th, 2013.   While aerosols have been a regular sight … Continue reading

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Aerosol Trails Litter Monte Carlo Sky

From Mike Pope of Whangaparaoa, New Zealand. 18 Dec. 2013. This is one of many photos I took on a recent trip to Europe. I took it looking out from Monte Carlo early one morning and was sad to see … Continue reading

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Petition Regarding Chemtrails Presented to Canadian House of Commons

Thank-you to Sarah Hornibrooke for sending us the link to this regarding a Petition that was presented to the Canadian House of Commons on the 21st of October, 2013 by NDP MP Alex Atamanenko of the riding of British Columbia … Continue reading

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Rainwater Test Result From Nelson Shows Aluminium, Barium & Strontium Present

From Ngaire Small of Nelson, New Zealand. I had rainwater that fell in Nelson on November the 18th, 2013, tested by R J Hill Laboratories Ltd of Hamilton.   There had been consistent heavy aerosol spraying apparent for approximately 10 … Continue reading

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Colbert Report: David Keith Talks About Chemtrails/Geoengineering

Steven Colbert and David Keith discuss weather modification/chemtrails on the 9th of December, 2013.

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Dementia ‘a global epidemic’

Thu, Dec 5, 2013 Press Association The number of people living with dementia will triple worldwide by 2050, according to a new report. There has been a 22% rise in the number of people living with dementia globally since previous … Continue reading

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Infowars:Latest IPCC Report Admits Chemtrails Exist

Published on 4 December, 2013 “While the entire community of academia still pretends not to know about the ongoing reality of global geoengineering,” comments Dane Wigington at Geoengineering Watch, “the simple fact that they are now discussing geoengineering in the … Continue reading

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