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‘Polar Vortex’ Snow Smells Like Plastic When Put Next To A Flame, Does Not Melt?

Updated 1 Feb, 2014. Engineered snow storms are not new to the US.   It may or may not be related, but there are a number of videos of people in the U.S. trying to melt snow that have surfaced recently … Continue reading

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By Sarah Hornibrooke of Takaka, Golden Bay. On the day of the Global March Against Chemtrails Geoengineering, January the 25th, we placed some very large banners that we’d used last year,  on a line between two trees at the Takaka … Continue reading

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Video: Global March Against Chemtrails/Geoengineering

The following 3.19 minutes video from France shows images of protesters against chemtrails/geoengineering waving banners and marching in a range of cities/countries around the world, including Paris, Marseille and Bretagne in France, Japan, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Canada, the US and … Continue reading

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Global March Against Chemtrails/Geoengineering Day In Taupo on 25 January, 2014

On Global March Against Chemtrails/Geoengineering day on Saturday, the 25th of January, ardent activist, Carol Ranger of Taupo took the time to educate members of the public in her own area again.   As she did last year, she placed a … Continue reading

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Weekly Geoengineering Watch Update 1-26-2014 This is a report from Dane Wigington on the manipulated weather over the US and the propaganda emanating from the Weather Channel which is used to keep an unwitting public asleep. More:

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Breaking: New Climate Data Rigging Scandal Rocks US Government

Even less justification for geo-engineering now. , Jan 17, 2014.  By John O’Sullivan A newly-uncovered and monumental calculating error in official US government climate data shows beyond doubt that climate scientists unjustifiably added on a whopping one degree of … Continue reading

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Protest In Whangarei Against Chemtrails/Geoengineering on Jan 25, 2014

A protest was held in Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand against chemtrails/ geoengineering on Saturday, January the 25th, 2014, as part of a global protest on the same date. We erected banners and signs opposite the busy Farmers’ Market on Water … Continue reading

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Kristen Meghan Speaks About Geoengineering at the 1st Annual Save Long Island Forum

Published on YouTube by John F King on 23rd of January, 2014 Kristen Meghan speaks on geoengineering and her story at the 1st Annual Save Long Island Forum in Hauppauge, NY, Saturday, January 18th 2014. To make next year’s conference … Continue reading

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Chemtrails finally proven by Kristen Meghan whistleblower?, 24 January, 2014. In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to U.S. Air Force whistleblower, Kristen Meghan about her conclusions and observations regarding the U.S. military’s connection with chemtrails. The issue of chemtrails has been widely debated among many circles … Continue reading

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Glowing Faux Cloud Over Gisborne Region

These photos were sent by Clyde Wainwright of Moerewa on January the 22nd.  He wrote: I took these photos while driving out of Gisborne on the 19th of January, 2014.  The first was taken at 7.52pm and the second at … Continue reading

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