Scott Stevens: Chemtrails In The Cold

4 Jan., 2014

Scott Stevens of Weatherwars.Info filmed aircraft spraying aerosols in Colorado on December the 31st, 2013 and commented on the nature of the trails observed.     He reinforces his contention that the chemtrails are there to mark different energy zones in the atmosphere.

There is a good clip  for those who are still skeptical about the existence of chemtrails and believe these are merely vapour trails at 3.56 minutes. Stevens points out that a trail that goes through a cloud, disppears altogether, rather than augments, which is not what would be expected from a vapour trail in an area of atmosphere laden with moisture.

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2 Responses to Scott Stevens: Chemtrails In The Cold

  1. Raymond says:

    He has no data as to the height of the trails or the clouds. They may not be the same airspace at all.
    He also mentions vortices (and this is correct), this would be in disagreement to yours and Jeff McColl’s piston pump idea.

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