Vinny Eastwood interviews Australian Anti-Geoengineering Activist, Paul Mac

January 8, 2014.

This is a 2.04.33 hours long interview.  Vinny’s NUTShell:
An ordinary man with his eyes on the sky and his hands on a megaphone.
Being a geoengineering activist is a tough gig, you get ridiculed and sabotaged, ignored and discouraged, but what else is new when telling a truth backed up by facts and evidence?
The truth of the matter is that environmentalism has been hijacked by the establishment to advance carbon taxes and further restrictions on people’s freedoms.
The brave souls that do this important work do so because the extermination of mankind is at hand, no exaggeration.

8277060Link here:

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One Response to Vinny Eastwood interviews Australian Anti-Geoengineering Activist, Paul Mac

  1. Good interview, well done to Paul and Vinny. It helps to hear how difficult it can be for others who are trying to get the word out, and how important it is not to be disheartened, but keep going. That was inspirational. Thank-you.
    In regard to the comment Paul makes about the planes which do not show up on, please note that the ‘About’ section on the Flightradar24 website mentions the following: “The technology we use to receive flight information from aircraft is called ADS-B. Roughly 60% of all passenger aircraft around the world are equipped with an ADS-B transponder. However, this percentage will continue to grow. Read more about the technology behind Flightradar24.” Refer:

    Thus, it may not be a case of the transponder being switched off as Paul indicates, rather, it may simply be that there is not an ADS-B transponder onboard.

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