People want climate left as is

Climate engineering using particles in the atmosphere is already happening!

Found at,  By Chris Hyde    Last updated 12:00 13/01/2014

Malcolm Wright


ALTERING THE WEATHER: Massey University Professor Malcolm Wright is the lead author of new research showing the public’s disdain for climate-altering machines.

A beer-filled Hampshire pub conversation about climate-manipulating mirrors in space started the ball rolling for Massey University’s latest world-leading research.

Over the past two years researchers from Massey and the University of Southampton have surveyed more than 2000 people and interviewed 30 in depth to garner public reaction to the idea of climate engineering.

Their research is published in today’s Nature Climate Change journal and lead author, Palmerston North-based Professor Malcolm Wright, says the results could prove controversial.

The conclusions were clear – hardly anyone wants mirrors in space, hardly anyone wants particles pumped into the air to reduce solar radiation, and most people don’t want any form of climate manipulation developed.

Prof Wright said this went in the face of many researchers who were increasingly seeing climate manipulation as an option to explore.


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2 Responses to People want climate left as is

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  2. I sent a letter in which was edited and published yesterday, (the 16th of January, 2014,) in the Manawatu Standard which highlighted the fact that geoengineering is already occurring.

    Marian Sutherland sent this one in this morning:

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    I was intrigued by the Chris Hyde article of 13/ 01/ 2014 entitled ” People want climate left as is.”

    The survey undertaken by Professors Wright and Teagle, gauging public attitudes to climate engineering had conclusive results.

    Professor Wright said, ” Because we’ve never really done anything like climate engineering before, there are risks.”

    I agree that the risks are massive, and some are outlined in Professor Alan Robock’s ” Twenty Reasons Why Geoengineering May Be a Bad Idea.”

    The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee’s Fifth Report on The Regulation of Geoengineering, 2009 – 10, contains pertinent information.

    Unfortunately, in my opinion, ” the horse has already bolted.! ”

    My own observations of the skies in North Canterbury prove to me that the deployment of Atmospheric Aerosol Operations in NZ, are well underway already.

    A quick look at ” Northland NZ Chemtrails Watch ” online, provides a local perspective on this issue.

    Professor Teagle said,” There is a pressing need to consult the public and understand their concerns before policy decisions are made.”

    Look up and see : We are already being sprayed, without our permission! ”


    Marian Sutherland,

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