Dr Rima Laibow Talks To Woman Suffering From A Variant Of Morgellons

Published on YouTube on January the 18th, 2014.

Dr Rima Laibow, MD. of the Natural Solutions Foundation talks to a 52-years-old woman, referred to as “Ms M”, a knowledgable woman, who has a variant of Morgellons.
The interview starts at about 11.30 mins.

She says she believes she was targeted with a drop of fibers/particles from a low-flying plane at her home, because she is an activist. She was working outside at the time and said that this was the source of a variant of Morgellons that plagued her life, in her opinion.

They talk about patented Morgellons approximately 48 minutes into the interview.
Ms M refers recommends the YouTube channel, skizitgesture, as being a very good source of information and that http://www.skizit.biz/ is the associated website.
It confirmed what she had been thinking all along she says, that what she suffered from was the result of  a gene-expression system which innoculates the body by an insect bite. It alters the DNA with ectozone, which is a gene expression system. It could be from a spider, a moth, a knat, a fly – different insects that are expressing themselves this way and then growing out of people’s skin.
Information she has obtained has led her to believe that Monsanto is responsible for the development of this horrendous technology.


About Clare Swinney

Interested in what is really going on, not that promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media.
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One Response to Dr Rima Laibow Talks To Woman Suffering From A Variant Of Morgellons

  1. She says she has found that an anti-psychotic drug called Abilify seems to physically cure the symptoms. She believes it blocks the ectozone receptor.
    Also, she said that an air purification system has helped her and Clean Green on items in her environment to help get the bugs under control.

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