Massive Aerosol Operation on 19 January Seen From Whangarei, Day Before Rain Was Forecast

In order to keep my vegetables in healthy condition this month I have had to water them virtually every day, as there has been relatively little rain in the last three weeks, so little so, patches of my lawn have become brown and died, as the photo immediately below shows.  I found that vulnerable young plants hardly lasted longer than a couple of days without water.

Aerosols have been seen regularly, as well as unnatural cloud formations over the last 3 weeks and in the last few days, there has been significant aerosol spraying activity.  Aerosols were seen from Whangarei on Friday the 17th of January, 2014 in the afternoon and on Sunday, the 19th of January, there was a massive aerosol operation visible from about 8.20am till after midday that turned the sky into a milky-white haze.  There was a halo tinged with brown around the sun in the early-afternoon.

When the atmosphere is saturated with particulates, the amount of rain that falls is reduced, because there are too many condensation nuclei present to allow the rain to form into droplets big enough to fall as rain.  Rain was forecast on January the 20th, which makes one wonder whether this aerosol operation was designed to significantly reduce the amount of rain that fell on the Monday?

Brown grass on my lawn, taken day of rainfall on January 20

Brown grass on my lawn, taken day of rainfall on January 20


whangarei jan 20

8.20am Taken from Whangarei, Woodhill looking towards the east.

8.20am Large tube-like shaped aerosol, spreading out. Taken from Whangarei, Woodhill looking towards the east.


12.27pm Taken from Woodhill, Whangarei.

12.27pm Fan-like shape of aerosols. Taken from Woodhill, looking towards Western Hills in north, Whangarei.

SONY DSCAbove: 19 January, 2014. A freshly sprayed aerosol is shown mid-picture.  This was visible for over 20 minutes.

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