‘Polar Vortex’ Snow Smells Like Plastic When Put Next To A Flame, Does Not Melt?

Updated 1 Feb, 2014.

Engineered snow storms are not new to the US.   It may or may not be related, but there are a number of videos of people in the U.S. trying to melt snow that have surfaced recently that indicate that the snow is not merely snow. 

Here is a good example. This video shows a lady in Georgia putting a flame to ‘polar vortex’ snow, from a snow storm that’s being hyped up by the mainstream media, which she has obtained from the ground outside her home.   While she indicates that it seems normal on inspection,  when she puts a flame directly against it, it does not melt and drip as one would expect, but becomes blackened and she says it smells like plastic as it burns.  Her obervations about these properties of the snow appear to be reinforced by others. (See more videos below.)

Let’s hope more people in the midst of the ‘polar vortex’ test their snow using a flame and post videos of what they find online.  This appears to be ‘easy-to-see’ evidence that something is seriously wrong with natural systems, that can not be readily explained away and it could wake people up to the criminal activity of weather engineering that is occurring.

Ocean City, New Jersey, 1/29/2014 There was heavy spraying yesterday before the snowfall. By Brad Mossman. Posted on Dane Wigington's Facebook Page
Ocean City, New Jersey, 1/29/2014 There was heavy aerosol spraying activity before the snowfall. Photo by Brad Mossman posted on Facebook.

Geoengineeringwatch.org covers the issue of chemically nucleated snow here, which may or may not be related to what these people found.


‘Fake Snow’: Videos In Multiple States Show Strange Snow That Doesn’t Melt Normal, Burns, Smells of ‘Plastic

Dave Mathers Tests Snow from Towson, Maryland.

The following was shot by Dave Mathers of Towson, Maryland to demonstrate properties of snow outside his home recently.  This video was posted on Facebook.com by Dave. He gave me his permission to upload it to YouTube.

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Snowstorm leaves thousands stranded in Atlanta, Georgia, as second ‘polar vortex’ causes transport chaos

UPDATED!! Engineered Snow Storms Begin Again

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8 Responses to ‘Polar Vortex’ Snow Smells Like Plastic When Put Next To A Flame, Does Not Melt?

  1. Chemically Nucleated Snow, What Is It?
    Keep checking Geoengineeringwatch.org for new posts on this issue.

  2. Joe says:

    Is this Styrofoam? Seriously. I’m not a debunker.

    • Check out the articles at Geoengineeringwatch.org regarding the weather manipulation that is occurring using aerosols comprised of heavy metals, which poison the air, soil and water.

  3. In GA says:

    Im in GA and this is a Joke.

  4. Dane Wigington: Finally the public at large is beginning to realize there is something very wrong with the snow. Chemically nucleated artificial snow storms have been the norm for a very long time. More:
    More: http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/geoengineeringwatch-weather-update-feb-2-2014/

    Dutchsince on fake snow disinformation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbCKiQnFUwY
    You can listen to the whole show here: http://fprnradio.com/freedomfrequency

  5. Jeff Rense & Dane Wigington – Snow Burns, Won’t Melt!

    Dane Wigington:
    Below is a more in depth discussion of the artificially nucleated snow. Though a great many people are adamantly denying the phenomenon of the chemically nucleated snow, I have already posted three US patents for this process. Other patents for the creation of artificially nucleated storms go clear back to 1950. https://theusindependent.com/burning-snow-answers-chemically-nucleated-snow-demystified-exclusive-report-with-susanne-posel-and-dane-wigington/

  6. Steven Rhan says:

    Trouble with this and other links to supposed proof is spring rolls around and instantly proves otherwise. Such copious amounts of artificially created snow would certainly leave plenty of accumulated, concentrated layers of obvious evidence on the ground proportionate to the scope of these claims. And in just a few years everything would be contaminated beyond safe consumption. Also contaminating the food chain for those who would be planning and carrying out the weather manipulation.
    Have to be able to think beyond that smart device glued to your Facebook acct., there Boss.

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