TV Interview with Josefina Fraile, The President of SkyGuards On Geoengineering Being Used As A Weapon

Published on Youtube on 30th, Jan, 2014.


The 25 minutes-long interview is in Spanish with English subtitles.  Josefina Fraile, the President of SkyGuards, is asked about her part in a conference at Zamora, where she has addressed the issue of climate manipulation using aerosols, that can be used to induce droughts or floods, amongst other harmful weather events.

Fraile refers to the 1996 US Air force document: “Weather as A Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025″, and points out that it provides evidence to show that controlling the climate, using “geo-engineering,” is part of US Foreign Affairs, whether the world wants it or not.

She says that in order to justify the use of this technology, the problems of carbon dioxide induced global warming and climate change were created and the proposed solution that was offered was geoengineering. She suggests that geoengineering is equivalent to a pyromaniac firefighter and says that the technology is being used as a weapon.

She refers to evidence of the testing of climate-change technology, which is occurring in La Guareña, Zamora, Spain and destroying the eco-potential of the region.  Farmers found shiny particles in the fields, and long fibers were seen falling from the sky, (like those seen in New Zealand).    There were up to 15 feet long she says.  Film footage of these is shown in the clip.  (Pertinently, Canadian environmental investigative reporter, William Thomas, said during an interview with George Knapp on December the 20th, 2009 that:  “Bernard Eastlund, [the inventor of HAARP], wrote me an e-mail…and he said that to heat up the atmosphere with HAARP was very difficult, it would go right through the atmosphere unless you put some element in that airspace that it could heat and he suggested that polymers would work very well in allowing HAARP to be directed to heat certain sections of the atmosphere. And in fact, we’ve been seeing…cobweb like material, polymer material all over the United States and other locations, in conjunction with airplanes flying overhead emitting something out of the back end of them. And Eastlund went further and said that heat generation works by adding magnetic iron oxide to the polymer…”).

Hear/read the interview here:


Fibers Floating In Air In Northland.

Angels Don’t Play This HAARP – Advances in Tesla Technology.  A book by Jeane Manning and Dr Nick Begich.

Geoengineering: Our Environment Under Attack.


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2 Responses to TV Interview with Josefina Fraile, The President of SkyGuards On Geoengineering Being Used As A Weapon

  1. fifi5050 says:

    Chemtrails – US Military Continues To Spray Chemical-Laden Skytrails

    Allergic reactions to airborne fallout do not explain the entire syndrome of chemtrail-related illness. Falling blood temperatures accompanying symptoms of intense yet feverless “flu” is a classic sign of chronic fungal infection. Blamed for a host of auto-immune dysfunction, from chronic fatigue to fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis, the fungus within us also signals its presence in sharp joint pain, sudden extreme fatigue, sudden dizziness, mental confusion and short-term memory loss.

    Reading this makes me think about my illnesses. I remember they sprayed over parts of Auckland for the painted apple moth but can’t remember when but I know I got really ill after that. I keep getting new things added to the list.

    • The aerial spraying in Auckland for the painted apple moth started in Feb 2002. Please refer this timeline:
      It mentions that on March 14, 2003 an Auckland University study found that aerial spraying coincided with a sharp rise in some medical problems. Researchers found that in the most intensively sprayed area there was a significant increase in sleep problems, stomach complaints and diarrhoea.

      According to Dr John Clearwater, who is a specialist in pheromone technology, there would have been no need for the spraying if they had used synthetic pheromone traps ASAP.
      Refer: A Bug-Fuelled Hazard by Clare Swinney in Investigate, July 2004.

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