Rare rainbow cloud seen over Canterbury not a natural phenomenon

Stuff.co.nz  11/02/2014  The article which accompanies this photo at Stuff.co.nz does not mention that these coloured clouds did not become a regular sight until chemtrails/ geoengineering use became widespead. This is not a natural phenomenon as the article at Stuff.co.nz implies.  It is a man-made one and this is yet another example of the mainstream media deceiving the public.  
cloud rainbow feb 11

The photo below of rainbow colours in cloud-like material is from award-winning weatherman, Scott Steven’s website.  Writes Stevens: “Beautiful, and it would be more so if it were natural.   No this isn’t just the natural refraction of water ice by sunlight.  Yes, there is some of this occurring, but the colors are refractions of Ba & Al—Barium and Aluminum the metallic content of these contrail flights.”


For more information please visit: WeatherWars.Info.

For further examples of rainbow coloured clouds in New Zealand put “rainbow clouds” in the search box on this website.

About Clare Swinney

Interested in what is genuinely going on, not in the disinformation promoted as "truth" by the corrupt mainstream media. Please keep an open mind and do your own research. M.Sc. (Hons) from Auckland University. If you came to this site via the 'Silly Beliefs' disinformation website, please read my response to their article at the link: https://chemtrailsnorthnz.wordpress.com/2012/10/20/sillybeliefs-coms-lies-about-chemtrails-geo-engineering-exposed/
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3 Responses to Rare rainbow cloud seen over Canterbury not a natural phenomenon

  1. fifi5050 says:

    Is it a sign of another earthquake coming?

  2. Marian Sutherland wrote on Facebook: If these are rare, and consist of ice particles or water droplets, then why am I seeing these rainbow and “oil slick” colours in the sky on a very regular basis, and seeing these colours form in the aerosol material which is sprayed right before my eyes, from aircraft heading over Waikari?

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