Nelson Mail: Are Chemtrails Ruining Golden Bay Gardens?

In Nelson Mail, Posted at   JUDE GILLIES,  14 Feb, 2014.


 SIGNS IN THE SKY: Trails, or evil forces at work?

I’m in avocado heaven. My tree is loaded with lots of beautiful baby avos I hope will keep me and ours supplied with a bumper crop when the fruit matures later in the year. Right now they look so cute and full of promise, dangling from the ends of the branches, like baubles on a Christmas tree.

The tree’s been in a few years and done exceptionally well in the abundant rainfall and deep, dark, well-drained Pohara soils. Unlike other avocado trees that have sprung round the garden from old compost heaps, the tree now fruiting is a grafted specimen.

While I can’t remember the variety, it’s a large green one, with a deliciously nutty flavour, ideal for summer salads and sandwiches. But, I have to admit, I’m not entirely optimistic I’ll get to harvest this latest crop.

Last time the tree was laden most of the fruit was it matured and got heavier was ripped off by a rogue wind and they all ended up bruised and battered on the ground. What wasn’t rendered inedible was eaten by the possums before I got them.

The rogue wind, I assumed at the time, was simply a hazard of nature, but lately I’ve beginning to think darker forces were at work.

You see, I’ve been reading up about things called chemtrails that some people in Golden Bay believe are being used subversively to modify the earth’s atmosphere and control the weather in the fight against global warming.

Examples of how we ordinary folk are having the wool – or the cloud – pulled over our eyes, they say, are illustrated by constantly occurring and weird vapour trails left by planes, not just over Golden Bay and Nelson, but all over the planet.

I’ve never been much of a conspiracy theorist myself, instead preferring to base my, sometimes opinionated, opinions on rigorous scientific research, but I have to admit at times I’ve found myself standing in the garden, looking up in amazement at not just unusual cloud formations but also weird and wonderful vapour trials.

Now, I don’t want you to think I’ve gone all flakey on you, but I must say I’m starting to have doubts about my previously-held opinions and, getting in the Golden Bay groove, have been wondering if, in fact, the innocent-looking vapour trials I’m noticing are possibly something more sinister.



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Note: Rosalind Peterson of the Agriculture Defence Coalition has been raising awareness of this issue for years in the United States and was asked to talk at the UN about it in 2007. She focuses on how “persistent contrails,” as she calls them, are harming the ability of people to grow food.

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4 Responses to Nelson Mail: Are Chemtrails Ruining Golden Bay Gardens?

  1. Ngaire says:

    Well done to Jude Gillies getting this article printed in the Nelson Mail, when the editor won’t print letters on the climate change debate that refer to ‘geoengineering’. I’m amazed her article got through the MSM’s tight censorship control. It’s timely to add that Nelson skies are being absolutely annihilated this morning!!!

    • Ngaire, write a comment under the article. I was pleasantly surprised that this one was posted at

      Thank-you for this article. I and others around New Zealand have had rainwater tested at Hills lab for the heavy metals associated with this aerosol spraying, namely aluminium, barium and strontium and these were found repeatedly. The results can be found on the Northland NZ Chemtrails Watch website.
      Rosalind Peterson of the Agriculture Defence Coalition has been raising awareness of this issue for years in the United States and was asked to talk at the UN about it in 2007. She focuses on how persistent contrails, as she calls them, are harming the ability of people to grow food. You can find her work online.
      On a related note, the BBC has an article regarding global dimming, indicating that the amount of sunlight reaching earth has been reduced by about 20%. It did not mention why exactly this has occurred. The reduction coincides with the fact that the planet’s atmosphere has been turned into an electrically charged plasma using tonnes of heavy metals that are being sprayed into the stratosphere via aircraft. These aerosols are being used to manipulate the weather, amongst other purposes. One of the smoking guns is the US Air Force’s 1996 document, ‘Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025,’ a document which reveals the US military aimed to control the weather without concern for the environment.
      Watch the documentaries Aerosol Crimes, What in the World Are They Spraying? (2010) and Why In the World Are They Spraying? (2012) free online to learn more.

  2. Ngaire says:

    I noticed your excellent comments there this morning Clare, posted a couple myself earlier but they won’t publish mine??? I used that unprintable ‘geo-engineering’ word, must change that, they won’t tolerate such truths!

    • I didn’t see a comment from you when I checked last night Ngaire. A letter that I sent to the Northern Advocate a few days ago was not published either. That mentioned geoengineering in relation to the drought in Kaipara.

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