Protest Against Geoengineering Alongside Banners on Beaches Protest Against Deep Sea Oil Drilling In Golden Bay

By Sarah Hornibrooke, Feb 15, 2014.
BoB2-CropIt was the day for the Banners on Beaches Protest Against Deep Sea Oil Drilling in Golden Bay, New Zealand.  The sky was initially a heavenly blue, but then the aerosol sprayers came out in force and turned it into an unsightly milky, white haze, as the photos below show.   The spraying started before 8.30am and continued until about 12.30pm.
As geoengineering has many connections with the oil industry, I took the opportunity to raise awareness of chemtrails and geoengineering today.  I took along the big banners we use for our protests to Pohara Beach.
The view of the aerosol geoengineering in the form of up to nine chemtrails at a time was spectacular.   There were start-stop trails lingering, trails from horizon to horizon, areas of haze, as well as the standard contrail evident that faded after seconds behind the aircraft.
After handing out flyers to people walking along the Selwyn St area of the beach, I joined a group of about thirty people protesting at the Pohara Hall end.  My banner was grabbed and photographed for
Everyone I spoke to was interested and took a flyer.  Many people had no idea that geoengineering and the oil industry have connections, but all of them could see the show above their heads with their own eyes.   I left the protest organiser with a full print out of, which gives some of those connections up until 2010.
All the ‘cloud’ in the below photos is from aerosols dispersed from aircraft. Notice the pink horizon at the beach.
Below: 8.39am Takaka. Looking South West.
IMG_6736 12 small
Below: 8.51am Takaka. Looking South East.
IMG_6742 12 small west

 Below: 11.50am Looking North Pohara Beach
IMG_6749 12 small
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