Geoengineered Weather Patterns Wreaking Havoc Across The Planet, Feb 15, 2014

Chemtrails and HAARP are the Smoke and Mirrors behind the fabricated ‘Global Cooling’ events

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The winter of 2013/2014 will go down as the year when the curtain was pulled back on the fairly recent geoengineering scheme known as ‘Global Cooling’. This fastidiously coordinated deception has been designed to bamboozle the public into believing that Global Warming was no longer the serious threat that it actually is. Not only is Global Warming very real, it stands as the most formidable challenge facing humanity for the foreseeable future.

The actual state of affairs brought about by a firmly established Global Warming phase is so dire and imminent that those who populate the world power structure know that they are powerless to stop it. Hence, they[1] go to great lengths to divert, distract, deceive, and delude us. Perhaps the controllers of the realm really believe that the people cannot handle what is surely coming around the corner. Or else why would they employ the likes of HAARP and Chemtrails 24/7 virtually everywhere around the globe to engineer extreme, unseasonal and/or unprecedented weather?

CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering

Let’s be very clear from the outset of this exposition: The entire scientific and academic research establishment has access to the most accurate information and data concerning the true state of the planetary environment. They also have a very good fix on the rapidly changing solar system as well as other luminaries, which they gaze at though an assortment of sophisticated observatories and high-powered telescopes. The Russians in particular have documented these dramatic changes, which all point emphatically in the direction of Global Warming. The most accurate scientific evidence to date conclusively reflects conditions, which have occurred before during periods of the precipitous warming of the planet.


Why are they so determined to hide the obvious evidence demonstrating Global Warming?

When both the scientific and anecdotal evidence irrefutably supports a warming scenario, the geoengineers must work ten times harder to prove their fraudulent point. There is no better defense than a very deliberate offense. In this regard they are working triple time to engineer various weather events which have caught many unaware. Truly, the many weather modification techniques, which they are now using with extraordinary effect, is succeeding at tricking some of the best and brightest among us.

As they become more skillful at creating whole new climatological patterns regionally, they show that they can manipulate the weather virtually anywhere, anytime they want. This misapplication of scientific knowhow and technological prowess is extremely dangerous, especially when placed in the hands of the highly misguided and deluded. This quite unfortunate predicament is similar to giving matches and dynamite to the neighborhood children playing in a sandbox. How can it not end badly … very badly!

Back to the question of why they are “so determined” to the point of ignoring scientific realities. They have already seen firsthand the countless consequences of the inexorable Global Warming trend that has been upon us for decades. The following examples are just a few of those radical changes which have been observed by scientists and researchers throughout the world.

Coastlines around the globe are being altered in unpredictable and dramatic ways
• Freshwater supplies are being threatened on every continent
• Century-old precipitation patterns are changing more with each passing year
• Species extinctions are occurring at an unprecedented rate
• Rainforests are disappearing, new deserts are being ‘created’
• Many lakes and rivers are losing their traditional water volume; others are gaining
• Islands are gradually being submerged by the ocean as sea levels rise
• Wildlife is under threat, especially in various locations in the Arctic
• Glacier melt is occurring with greater speed transforming landscapes on every continent
• Wildfires, forest fires, brush fires are much more frequent and larger than ever
• Mudslides and avalanches are claiming more lives and causing more property damage
• Record droughts and deluges are being recorded in virtually every nation
• Worldwide agricultural output has been seriously affected by both Global Warming and the geoengineered weather modification


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