Timelapse Footage of Aerosol Material/Faux Clouds Shot From Arapuni, NZ

This is timelapse video shot by James [name withheld] of Arapuni, who posts on YouTube under the name of ‘ArapuniWizard.’

He offers: “I have always been a skywatcher – an astronomer since the 1960s. I have a photo of a weird sky I took in 1975, which looks like the “HAARPy” wavy cloud pattern we see far more of today. I took the photo back then because it was so unusual.

I became suspicious that weather modification technology was being used when new weather phenomena, such as El Niño and La Niña, were announced in the 1980’s and New Zealand’s typical summer/winter cycle changed.  Summers were not always guaranteed. I really noticed the skies had become unnatural-looking on a daily basis about 4 or 5 years ago, so I started filming them. I soon graduated to an HD camera and began making timelapse videos. A good thing about timelapse videos is that they show more detail than the naked eye, as the UV is filtered out, plus what happens over even just a few minutes, reveals the motion of these masses of particles. In addition, other nuances are exposed by the camera, such as multiple layers of material, often travelling in different directions. Also, wave effects can not be seen with a glimpse of our eyes, but when speeded up by timelapse video, the wave motion is readily apparent.

I live in Arapuni, which is on the Waikato river in the South Waikato District of New Zealand. All the footage has been filmed from my garden there.”


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