Carnicom Institute: “Morgellons” Condition DNA Successfully Isolated

carnicomWhat’s New?

Carnicom Institute (CI) is actively working toward the characterization of a DNA sample associated with the Morgellons condition. The genetic nature of an organism is a key to understanding a life form’s origin and role within biology. This understanding is significant as it will ultimately affect health. CI now has visible light, infra-red, and ultra-violet spectral ability.

DNA Isolated

DNA has been successfully isolated from cultures that have been developed. The samples are based upon the cross-domain bacteria isolation methods referred to previously. The tests have been repeated on numerous occasions with identical positive results…

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Plus, This Pivotal 3-Part Paper Has Been Completed –   Morgellons : A Working Hypothesis Neural, Thyroid, Liver, Oxygen, Protein and Iron Disruption

This paper seeks to identify a host of organic compounds that are likely to comprise the core physical structure of biologically produced filaments characteristic of the Morgellons condition. A biological oral filament sample will be analyzed for the presence of candidate organic functional groups using the methods of infrared spectrophotometry. Potential health impacts from these same core structures are examined and compared to the observed , reported and documented symptoms (in part) of this same condition. Potential mitigating strategies, from a research perspective only, are discussed…Read more:

Thank You to Polymerase Chain Reaction Equipment Donors

We want to thank all those who contributed to the acquisition of the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) equipment for future use by Carnicom Institute.  There is a tremendous savings that is taking place by finding a PCR kit available. This instrument requires skilled assembly which will be done by staff member Gary Sundby. Acquiring this PCR kit represents a tremendous opportunity, thanks to your generous and timely response to the call for donations to purchase this needed piece of equipment. The PCR will open a pathway to genetic research by the Carnicom Institute.

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