Take Your Power Back – Can You Host A Screening Of The Documentary About Smart Meters?


Are you able to organize or get others to organize screenings of this documentary which most of you would agree, who have seen it is probably one of the very best films available? Take Back your Power http://www.takebackyourpower.net/

The film and associated material can be sent to you on loan.

It is very timely for residents of Australian and New Zealand as the power companies have started to roll out “smart meters”, which are a danger to health and privacy, not to mention completely unnecessary.
If you are able to assist,  please let us know.
Drop me a line at the ConTrail. Maybe I can put you in touch and help support your event;
or contact Richard Dunwell 03-225-7717 (Some of you might know him from the ConTrail) richard@missionsnet.org ;
or Katherine Smith from NZ Journal of Natural Medicine via http://www.stopsmartmeters.org.nz/.
A screening can be a simple as running the DVD at a local church or community social meeting or as large as a cinema screening for the local population.
The information needs to get out there as soon as possible Black heart (cards)  My own battle and eventaul wake up to WIFi was enough of a taste of what was coming with Smart meters.  Protect your selves and your families and arm yourselves and your friends with this knowledge.
I want to share a part of an email that I received today and I have to say these emails come so regularly now:  This is from a member on the ConTrail who will remain nameless.  Sharing it to remind you all why you really want to fight this horror.
Aroha nui,
Rose of TheContrail.com
Dear Rose and Admins,You can’ t imagine how much you have helped me and so many others.  The smart meter kills!My brother was so sick with the poison that smart meters generates.  After a week of his passing, I start to have symptom like him, loss  of energy, not sleeping, loosing my mind, depression.  I suspected that the smart meter causes all this. I checked your website and found a video from nov. 2012.

A Dr. told me what we can do.  I shut down the fuse box, and just leave a very few fuses on for the need that we have. I started to have get some sleep, my depression went away, and my mind is still in tact.

I  hate this meter so much because what it did to my brother and now me.  I called the electric company to have it removed and install the old clean meter.  They told me that they just changed all of it in Idaho, and no other option, and when pressed they told me that I can get a generator.  I called my lawyer, and she told me to see a doctor to get the fact and she would proceed to write a legal letter.  But most doctors nowadays day are so ignorant and cause more harm then good.

Rose I have been very nervous because the puke that this smart killer is pumping out.

I am trying to get a new system of alternative energy to get off the grid just to save what is left of my health and my family health.  Appreciate your link to the Smart Meter Group in my area!  STOP SMART METRES – great site!


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4 Responses to Take Your Power Back – Can You Host A Screening Of The Documentary About Smart Meters?

  1. Reblogged this on AntiTerrorAthiest and commented:
    Please… Say HELL NO to smart meters !!!

  2. Sarah says:

    I am arranging a screening as soon as possible for Golden Bay, Takaka, New Zealand.

  3. fifi5050 says:

    I have had smart meters for awhile now. They just turned up one day to switch them over.

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