Huge Aerosol Trail Adjacent Bay of Plenty In Satellite Images For March 1

Thank-you to Martin for forwarding these first two images which he copied from the website on the morning of March 1, 2014.  Both images show the same aerosol trail, which appears to be about 300 kilometres in length at least, extending across the Pacific Ocean near the Bay of Plenty. Note the ladder-like rippling in the cloud above this trail in the first.  According to ‎meteorologist, Scott Stevens, 99% of these aerosol trails are used for weather engineering purposes.

Below: Image for March 1, 2014 at 10am from

Chemtrail 2Chemtrail 1

Above: An image for March 1, 2014 from:

There appear to be traces of this aerosol still evident in the first of the two LANCE Rapid Response MODIS images for New Zealand for the day, taken by the satellite named “Terra,” (the later one being taken by “Aqua.”)  Refer:  

According to information at:, the satellite images for this were taken in 5 minute swaths between 22:00 UTC and 23:45 UTC, which equates to 11am and 12.45pm NZT.March 1 trace of aerosol trail left

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2 Responses to Huge Aerosol Trail Adjacent Bay of Plenty In Satellite Images For March 1

  1. NZRose says:

    This shows how worthwhile it is checking the satellite imagery regularly. Thank-you Martin,

    If you want more weather-related info for NZ, check out this one, which is

    Hit the Earth Word on it for Menu

    Pic at link is NZ showing wind,-47.18,741

    This Pic is the pressure,-47.18,741

    Right Mouse Click any where on Storm to get Pressure or Wind Readings

  2. fifi5050 says:

    I came across this link on weather wars website….

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