Cyclone Lusi’s Arrival Coincides With Massive Aerosol Operation Over Parts Of New Zealand

On March the 14th, the day Cyclone Lusi was to first make its presence felt, there were reports from around New Zealand of aerosol spraying taking place and a massive amount of aerosol material being seen. While we had clouds over Whangarei throughout the day, further down the North Island and in parts of the South Island, unsightly aerosol trails and a milky-white haze covered the sky.

Offers Mischele Rhodes of Hamilton: “My report on Hamilton’s lousy day today – chemtrailled to hell! From 8am, when I looked outside, the sky had been smothered – complete white-out all day and no blue sky, whatsoever.  North-east wind, though not strong yet.”

Sharon Turner of Castlecliff Beach, Wanganui, who recently took over a radio station in Wanganui, MistyFM on 88.0 FM, is educating the public about chemtrails/ geoengineering.  She said today was the heaviest example of aerosol spraying she had ever witnessed.  “Aerosol spraying was going on here, full on…lines, amongst unreal cloud. I just read out on the radio the latest article on Northland NZ Chemtrails Watch site about the cyclone and weather modification. I gave out geo-engineering information and told people to go outside and look up!  It was in every direction and a total white-out in Wanganui.”   She took these photos from Castlecliff Beach, Wanganui, this morning.14 2 wanganui Sharon turner14 1 wanganui Sharon14 4 wanganui sharon turner

From World View satellite imagery for North Island on March 14, 2014.

From World View satellite imagery for North Island on March 14, 2014.

Satellite imagery from March 14 over New Zealand from Rapidfire

Satellite imagery from March 14 over  east of NI of New Zealand from Rapidfire

Satellite imagery from March 14 over the east of the NI of New Zealand from Rapidfire

Satellite imagery from March 14 over the east of the NI of New Zealand from Rapidfire

Anti-geoengineering activist, Carol Ranger of Taupo, who is a member of Chemtrails over NZ on, advised that there was a full on spraying of aerosols in the sky over Taupo today and that they were “Going for whiteout.”  She took these two photos below at about 9am.14 2 taupo carol ranger

14 1 taupo carol ranger

James M. of Arapuni in the North Island, shot this time lapse footage of the sky today.  He wrote: ‘As a huge bank of chemical (aerosol) cloud descended on New Zealand, the sky was blotted out, turning from streaky to a solid pale haze. This clip catches the last patches of blue sky disappearing. Timelapse video, one frame per second from approximately 11:15 AM to 11:30 AM, March 14, 2014.’

The South Island was a target, also.  Jo Kerry of Blenheim, which is near the top of the South Island on the east side, offered:  “There was a white-out in Blenheim too, from lunchtime.  It was certainly man-made.  It cleared a little later,  but then closed in again.  When it first came over, the lead edge had signs of scalar waves in it. I didn’t see planes spraying. It blew in from the north.” She took this photo, showing ripples, on March 14. jk

Nelson’s sky, also near the top of the South Island, was covered with aerosol material today.  According to Louisa Young, the weather engineers built the trails up to north of Nelson.  “Although I couldn’t see them, but the distinct chem came over us at about 1pm today.  I noticed the chem in the morning to the north on its way to us.  There was a brilliant blue sky, but by lunchtime, the aerosol material was coming over us and the sky was covered completely by 1.30pm. It had been laid elsewhere.  I saw a few faint lines of chemtrails that had just been laid to the east above the mountain. The air tasted like chemicals and I noticed it was harder to breathe. For someone not aware, I would guess they just thought it was a cloudy day.  The sunset tonight was so pink and unreal.”

Robyn Halkett of Nelson, who took the two photos and shot the video below, saw a defined chemtrail line, indicating spraying going on. She offers: “I saw a line at about 12.30pm that was under the chem clouds, going north to south, high above Nelson.” 14 Nelson

Nelson at sunset, March 14, 2014.

Nelson at sunset, March 14, 2014.

Thank-you to all those who contributed to this post.

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5 Responses to Cyclone Lusi’s Arrival Coincides With Massive Aerosol Operation Over Parts Of New Zealand

  1. Edmund Slaughter says:

    Dear Clare, What’s the difference between a cyclone and a hurricane, we’ve talked before about these chemtrails I’m in the USA Georgia, and you wouldn’t believe the trails here, well maybe you would. Can anyone access the worldview satellite imagery device, and can you get past pic’s and how do you get it? they coat the entire country here and they start in Georgia the east coast but they are killing us with this stuff. I stay sick all of the time and the Doc’s tell me I have copd. and we can take antibiotics for a week and feel better but get sick again and stay sick. My older son has the same symptom’s his baby daughter does too. I’ve ask the pulmonary doc about the c. trails but they think I’m crazy!!!!

    Thanks Ed ——————————————–

    • Hi Edmund, Sorry you are not feeling well. I understand from what I read online that a cyclone and a hurriance are the same thing. Different parts of the world refer to it differently.
      To access the world view satellite images, go here:

  2. Sarah says:

    Great work everyone. Thank you. Unusual lines in the ‘overcast’ here in Golden Bay yesterday evening.

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