Public Receptive To Protest Against Chemtrails/Geoengineering In Byron, Australia

annaBy Anna Munro of Byron, Australia, 16th March, 2014.

On the weekend of the 15th and 16th of March, 2014, Australians in 29 regions marched against the Prime Minister, Tony Abbott and the Australian Government.  The marches were well attended, with around 50,000 protesters taking part in Melbourne and close to 4,000 in Byron.

A group of local Byron residents concerned about the issue of chemtrails/ geo-engineering, took part in this protest.
We armed ourselves with placards, fliers and DVDs and joined the march.   All in all, it was a successful day.  We gave away one hundred DVDs and found that many were receptive to what we had to say.  I am happy to report that we were congratulated by many people for being there and helping to raise awareness of this very serious issue.
I am aware that this technology is poisoning the environment and being used to create extremes in weather, to our detriment.   After an extremely hot day, interestingly enough, we had what appeared to be a manufactured build up of rain clouds.  However, we only received a mininal amount of rain, but it was sufficient to enable me to test the pH of the rain, which I found was 6.7, that associated with chemtrails/geoengineering contamination.  (Unpolluted rainwater should have a pH of approximately 5.7, [1].)  And yet more evidence to support the claims that the crime of chemtrails/geoengineering must be stopped!

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Reference: [1]. Environmental Chemistry At A Glance. Ian Pulford, Hugh Flowers, ISBN:  978-1-4051-3532-0, July 2006, Wiley-Blackwell.

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2 Responses to Public Receptive To Protest Against Chemtrails/Geoengineering In Byron, Australia

  1. Ngaire says:

    Wow, that’s fantastic. Now if only we could find 50,000 Kiwis to protest, we’d have some traction.

    • The majority came out to protest against Tony Abbott and the Australian Government. Those in Byron against chemtrails did not number many Ngaire, although they made their presence felt, in spite of what sounds like controlled opposition, telling them that they should not be there. This is Ed Sinnott’s account of what happened:
      The March in March that took place in Byron Bay on Sunday, March 16th, 2014.. it all started very cool, with people taking photos of our chemtrail placards and congratulating us. Then this guy who was on their committee, said if the general public see geo-engineering placards on the news, it would marginalise the effectiveness of their protest because they would be associated with, quote: “a lunatic fringe minority.” So I told him it was my democratic right to stand and deliver my message, with freedom of speech and he could try and remove me, but he declined……I then said his political aspirations were just the same as Abbott’s, because he wants to silence, marginalise and eradicate and opposition to their party line……he was the only negative person there hundreds of people congratulated us on our stand…I think he followed the green political agenda.
      It would of been good to see fluoride, vaccination, and wi/fi electromagnetic radiation protesters there as well……it seemed a little like controlled opposition and pretty much a green agenda…..the minorities were NOT encouraged at all……..but in saying that, everyone we spoke to knew about chemtrails, except for one British visitor who thought it was for gardening….interesting day was very hot and when we got to Railway Park we had the usual ranting about Abbot. People don’t get that he and his cronies are puppets for globalist corporations, although one speaker did mention it God bless her!! I really think a lot of people there were open-minded to the idea of geo-engineering……

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