Unwitting Public Brainwashed During TV One Weather Report Of 21 March, 2014?

At the end of the weather report on TV One‘s 6pm news on Friday, March the 21st,  weather presenter, Karen Olsen stood cheerfully in front of a photo of uniform rows of ominous-looking clouds sent in by Robin Thomas of Sutton, and she overtly seemed oblivious to this unnatural-looking formation, which is pictured below.  Instead, she focused her attention on the name Thomas had given her home – “Elsewhere,” and said Thomas had built an off-the-grid home and while the skies were pretty threatening looking, it was fine at Elsewhere.  She was ‘doing the thinking for the public’ using a ‘nothing to see here folks’ approach, which another One weather presenter,  Jim Hickey has used when faced with evidence of weather modification technology in use or chemtrails/geoengineering.

Is it fine when the weather is being controlled by psychopaths and there is an abundance of evidence of weather warfare in use on a huge scale, planetary-wide?  They have eyes to look at satellite imagery and see aerosol trails when they look skyward.

The TV One news weather presenters, like so many other controlled mainstream media puppets, are complicit in the crime of chemtrails/geoengineering. They are taking part in an insidious system which omits to tell the people the facts, while creating a facade that everything is at is should be, when nothing could be further from the truth.

SONY DSCSONY DSCPossibly related.  I apologise, some of the links in this exerpt are no longer functioning  From Arizonaskywatch.com:  “According to HAARP patent inventor Bernard Eastlund’s website (Eastlund Science) http://www.eastlundscience.com/HAARP.html  gravity waves are believed to be responsible for severe weather phenomenon, but he admits that there is a lack of research and associated research papers. He admits that HAARP has the capability of producing 3.6 Megawatts CW (Continuous Wave). He believes that to be “significant” and cites Gossard (1962). Moreover, he cites research done by Sofko and Huang, Gravity Wave Generation and Joule Heating associated with solar flares in the polar regions. He says the gravity waves would have resulted from the auroral zone electrojet and the accompanying Joule heating activity. Check out the most common “gravity wave” YouTube.com video at http://www.youtube.comwatch?v=yXnkzeCU3bE .”  More: http://arizonaskywatch.com/articles/articles/Weather%20Modification%20and%20Wildfires.htm

TV1 Weatherman Misinforms The Public About “Feather” Cloud’s Origins, March 19, 2014.

Plane Emitting Plumes Shown During Weather Report On One News On Feb 6, 2014

Evidence of Weather Modification Technology In Use In Canterbury Shown on TVNZ One Weather 29 July, 2013

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5 Responses to Unwitting Public Brainwashed During TV One Weather Report Of 21 March, 2014?

  1. rly1987 says:

    What’s a chemtrail?

  2. billblyth says:

    These old-fashioned techniques of mass mind control are coming to an end. The intelligent will be alerted to what is true and what is false and see through the psychology by such tired techniques. Ultimately people like weathermen and news readers cheat themselves and expose themselves as people of minimal integrity – why they continue to volunteer to become marked men and women can only be due to arrogance or fear of threat.
    Such a sensible solution as turning off the misinformation screen is not an option for most, who think of themselves as normal and informed citizens. Society is populated with marginally functional people with the help of the alcohol barons.
    thanks for the post..Clare

  3. Melanie says:

    Hi there, Did you see tonight’s One News with Karen Olsen describing a photo of a “Silver Fern” shaped cloud?? She said it began as an aeroplane contrail & ” fanned out”!! I was totally gobsmacked! If you can somehow get hold of that footage, it’s worth the watch. (Was about 22 minutes into the news – was separate from the main weather segment which is usually at near the end of the news hour.) Kind regards, Mel.

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