Aerosol Trail About 400km Long To West Of South Island on March 22

rapidfire 81 500 March 22

Satellite imagery from Aqua for March 22, 2014 reveals a mega-aerosol trail, possibly two in parallel, about 400kms long over the Tasman sea to the west of the South Island.  It may have been a payload from aircraft heading to/from Queenstown airport, which takes aircraft from Sydney and Melbourne.  There are other aerosol trails visible in the imagery, also.

How much aerosol material could these planes be depositing in a 400km trail?  Figures taken from a Geoengineering Cost Analysis by Aurora Flight Sciences,  commissioned by the University of Calgary, which may bear no relation to this instance whatsoever, refers to a payload dispersal rate of 0.1 to 0.003 kg/m, with a goal of 0.03 kg/m. (See under: ‘Key assumptions,’ p. 6).  Using their ideal of 0.03 kg/m, a trail about 400km long could use a staggering 12,000 kgs of material, hypothetically speaking. March 22 Aqua 1km  It is food for thought.

To see entire image, go here:

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4 Responses to Aerosol Trail About 400km Long To West Of South Island on March 22

  1. EDOMS THORN says:

    Hello Clare,

    Are you aware of this site?

    Geoengineering And The Collapes Of Earth 2014

    Just more ugly evidence that this is a concerted attack.

  2. South Canterbury Sky Watch says:

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