Aerosols Paint Sky over Wellington On April Ist

These photos were taken by Melanie Walmsley, a new member of the popular Facebook group, Chemtrails over NZ, on April 1st, 2014, from Wellington, the capital of New Zealand.   She used a Nikon D40x camera with a Sigma DC 18-200mm lens.

This is the week the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)  released its latest report.    While the report predicts apocalyptic consequences if humanity fails to give the UN the power to tax and regulate fossil fuels and subsidize and mandate the use of alternative fuels, it fails to address the issue of weather engineering/ aerosol trails, which are genuine issues that are exceedingly harmful to the environment. Melanie notes of this aerosol trail she photographed:  “The trail began as four even-looking plumes, but look at how each changed – it almost looks as if plumes have differing contents?”   Yes, very interesting Melanie. Thank-you for sharing these photos.Over the Wellington CBD, home of New Zealand's parliament.

April 1, 2014. A strange spectacle over the CBD in Wellington.  Look up!

wellington 1 april cbd melanie walmsley2wellington 1 april cbd melanie walmsley3

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2 Responses to Aerosols Paint Sky over Wellington On April Ist

  1. Pauline says:

    After my husband brought chemtrails to my attention a few months back, I watched the skies more looking for them. I managed to see one this morning at 8.50am 2/4/14, as a plane travelled from east to west, it left a nice one which I photographed! It’s unreal.

    • South Canterbury Sky Watch says:

      Pauline, great to see your husband got your eyes skyward. Once you become aware, by simply just taking the time to LOOK UP, you will see this activity just about daily. Myself and probably like so many others, would actually like to one day, SOON, be able to look out the window, step out the door and see a NATURAL SKY, but whilst this crap is continually sprayed, we will keep seeing oddities in the sky, not only cloud but also colours, venetian effect or pulsing, will see people around us suffer, will see “odd” weather events, will see food shortages etc etc and of course you will see Main Stream Media continue to try and cover it up, even though themselves and of course their own families are being affected as well.
      Every living, breathing species is going to feel the effects of this crap.
      I spent a few years in Queensland, Australia and over a very long period of time, i filmed and edited videos from what i was seeing there. Day in, day out, Be sure to check out my channel on You Tube as i have plenty of info, not only in the videos but also in the descriptions. “Brisbane Chemtrails djmskinart” and now back in South Island of New Zealand, i now have just recently started “South Canterbury Sky Watch” and as i get time, i will continue to do the same.
      Brisbane Chemtrails djmskinart:

      South Canterbury Sky Watch:

      As i have mentioned many times before, like so many, i would like to think this was just candy floss dust but sadly, thats not to be.

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