Video: Chemtrails Over Ruapehu & Ohakune

hHere is the latest video from Helen Gordon of Ohakune, a member of Chemtrails over NZ.  Helen offers:  “I would like to say how horrific and disturbing it all is and my message for the public would be, “Please wake up and look up!”   This is affecting everyone and will be the ruination of all life on earth if it is not stopped.  I really do fear for the future of my grandchildren.  I am obsessed with taking pictures.  I just can’t help myself and have lost a few friends because of it…but I have also gained many because of it. ” 

Thank-you to Helen, who uses the YouTube name: TheHelengordon!  Remember to subscribe, press ‘LIKE’ and comment.



Video: Where Do The Children Play? Aerosols Over Ohakune, New Zealand

TV1 Weatherman Misinforms The Public About “Feather” Cloud’s Origins, March 19, 2014

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1 Response to Video: Chemtrails Over Ruapehu & Ohakune

  1. Ngaire says:

    What a shocker of a video. What more evidence could you possibly need to enlighten your friends.
    Like you Helen I have the same reaction here in Nelson when it gets as bad as that and that’s more often than not these days, trust me. I no longer care about my friends view of me and I too am obsessed with the camera as evidence of this crime. It is the children and grandchildren that we fight for and must continue to fight for.
    I intend to ring the appropriate Ministers in parliament each time we are assaulted and air my disgust. If enough people did that each time, they may just get tired of the outrage, just a thought. Our new like-minded friends are great support to get us through this and I really value them.

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