Planners trained by the CIA?

Shane Jones

Shane Jones

Far North-based Labour list MP Shane Jones is beginning to wonder if the North’s planners were trained by the CIA.

“It’s a fair question, given their propensity for assassinating opportunities for economic growth,” he said.

“The North may or may not get a super council, but it needs to be pro-solutions, pro-economic growth. For a start our leaders need to set the agenda rather than allowing themselves to be dictated to by planners and bureaucrats.”

Specifically he had had a “gutsful” of delays and dashed hopes over establishing new industries such as fish farming.

“These opportunities are always opposed by the ill-informed and the nimby brigade,” he said.

‘As far as fish farming goes, I accept that some boaties, including me, may be inconvenienced, but the pleasure I derived from boating ought to play second fiddle to our desperate need for jobs in the North.

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One Response to Planners trained by the CIA?

  1. FiFi5050 says:

    In every government department it seems the worker/servants have taken over the running of this country. You see it in WINZ, ACC, IRD, and in every one you see a bunch of crooked thieves stealing the entitlements of the people.

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