Screenings of the MUST SEE ‘TAKE BACK YOUR POWER’ At Golden Bay, NZ








By Sarah Hornibrooke, April 10th, 2014.

The eye-opening film TAKE BACK YOUR POWER will screen for a second time at the Village Theatre, in Takaka, Golden Bay on the 14th of April.  It is a MUST SEE film.

We had our first screening on the 7th of April and about forty people came.  One local spoke about his experiences of trying to get a relay for smart grid devices removed from a transformer pole thirty feet from his bedroom. He had read my letter in the Golden Bay Weekly and done some research about it. He told us he saw on a map that there are plans to place more than thirty of these across the Bay to facilitate the function of the Smart Grid.  The relays are referred to in the film and are another source of unwelcome EMF.

We sold four DVDs of the award-winning film, that was purchased through  and handed out over seventy flyers sourced from   On the latter site you will find information about  how you can maintain use of your present analogue meter, who and how to contact suppliers, and there are signs to print out and post next to your meter.  Print out the eight to a page flyer/cut and give one to everyone you know.

Over the years I have found giving people a small hand out is an acceptable way to make contact when drawing people’s attention to an issue they may have never considered before.

Now a lot of the content on flyers directs people to the internet, so those who don’t use the web have little opportunity to find out what’s going on.  Consequently, it was lucky the Golden Bay Weekly published my letter  about the film screenings.  I also thank the Takaka Village Theatre staff for their screening this documentary and encourage all of you to ask around for places to do your own shows.

There are many other places that can bring this information to the people who would otherwise not see it.  Just in our area, the Boards of Trustees and participants of Schools, day cares, hospitals, clubs, libraries, council representatives and employers, need to know the enormous impact on the health and wellbeing of the people within their facilities, should they allow the installation of smart meters.  Gift your administrators a DVD of this film and make them aware of this information.

The impact of smart meters is very well explained in TAKE BACK YOUR POWER. If we pull through this assault as an intact race it will be entirely up to you and your actions. Ultimately, we all need only say no.  It has to be all of us who say no, because if I have a device, it will affect my neighbours, as well as my own family.

The film made it very clear that the emissions are many times higher than human beings can stand without having cell level damage that can become permanent over time.  It can seriously effect children and the foetus very quickly. We are told by the Smart Grid industry that the levels are safe because the guidelines say so. In this documentary these levels are shown by independent experts from all around the world to be set far too high by the industry and governments.

0.1 microwatts per cm² is a level for extreme concern, yet in many countries the allowable levels are as high as 600 to 1000 micro watts per cm². It is clearly explained how these levels have been decided upon. The security of our homes and countries is also a serious issue with these digital smart meters, as are the rising costs associated with electricity managed by a smart grid. In New Zealand over four hundred have caused property fires.

I have seen TAKE BACK YOUR POWER twice now.  The part that struck me in particular is that when a digital meter is installed, it is guaranteed to produce no EMF, but when it is tested after installation it immediately starts transmitting at 20,000 micro watts.


Producer and director of Take Back Your Power, Josh del Sol.

Producer & director of Take Back Your Power, Josh del Sol.

If this movie was a science fiction drama it would be more believable. There is fraud, murder, torture, deceit, lying, big money and government manipulation of the public worldwide going on on a grand scale. I give the film ten stars and can see it may just help tip the balance and lead to the demise of these meters.   Producer and Director of TAKE BACK YOUR POWER,   Josh del Sol, makes it clear that people can and do make a difference, when they know what to do!


Interview: RoadKillRadio with Josh del Sol – ‘Smart’ Meter Agenda

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  1. Sarah says: All around the world there are experts in their fields and the public raising awareness about the smart grid and the use of it as an attack on humanity.

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