More airplanes needed for weather modification in Indonesia: BPPT

ANTARA News  March 26 2014

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Agency of Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) required at least 15 airplane to optimally implement the weather modification technology across Indonesia, an official said here on Wednesday.

“We now have only five airplane, three of which are available for weather modification. The other two are rented out for pioneer flight service,” Head of the Technical Management Unit of Artificial Rain of the BPPT Heru Widodo said here at a press conference on Wednesday.

According to Widodo, the weather modification technology should cover all the regions in Indonesia, which are divided into western, central and eastern.

Five airplane per region was enough for optimal weather modification in the region, Widodo said.

“Four aircraft are on standby for operations, while one or two is used for research,” he added.

Unfortunately, BPPT only has five airplane currently, four Casa C-212 and one Piper Cheyenne.




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2 Responses to More airplanes needed for weather modification in Indonesia: BPPT

  1. Akasha Skaldeman of Svenshögen, Sweden, of the Hällungen Lake Plane Cloud Action Group (A.K.A Chemtrails), wrote on April 11, 2014 on Facebook in regard to this issue: The value of the Rupiah has decreased 30% in the last year, which hits the people hard. So they get offered planes that the government pays for that “fix” the weather. And it seems that other countries use them, like Thailand, and they work just fine. Great, let’s get the planes and then we’ll only make good weather that the tourists like!

  2. Ian Mitchell says:

    Can you believe these people. The world is being run by a pack of psychopaths!!

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